Suggestions for added content

It would be pretty fun and interesting if you added more off-road type events. With being able to adjust so much of a vehicle performance it seams doable. Would be great to see these.

  1. a rock climbing event with a tilt meter.
  2. dune climbing where you have to be able to control the speed and timing to make it over the top.
  3. mud racing, where you can actually get stuck or bogged down.

Owe and maybe bring some good music with it, all kinda sucks atm, XS has like 2 good songs. How about some nostalgic 80’s rock, like in older race games or a modern rock win bands like In this Moment, Ice Nine Kills, Voltbeat, Hailstorm.

You could potentially do 1 and 2 via blue prints right now, with the exception that no tilt meter exists.

I’d love to see the third point added, but if you want something similar try Spintires: Snowrunner or Mudrunner.

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3 Rotor available to swap from the formula drift RX8 in some cars would be appreciated

My suggestion for future Forza content in general is to start producing NEW content and stop recycling old content. Series 4 ‘update’ sees us paying for a Porsche 911 Sport Classic, which as a long time Forza franchise player, I remember paying for this SAME CONTENT 10 YEARS AGO. Not only this but racing suits recycled from Motorsport titles, this is not the content I signed up for with the Car Pass. Shocking value for money

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I’ll gladly settle for the devs fixing what’s already in the game. Last thing I want is new broken features piled on top of existing broken features.

I think itd be cool if you guys added in xboxes one drive to the radio station so we can listen to more songs and better songs. Sorry to say but I only like 2 or 3 songs in the whole game.

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This was a feature in FH3, but it worked through Groove Music. Since that service ended, it ended in FH3, and they have never planned any form of replacement.

I don’t remember exactly but I think there was some sort of workaround, which allowed you to use a OneDrive folder with the groove music Radio station and play your own custom music.

Spotify integration would cost the developers some time and money, but would please a lot of players and Spotify would receive a large amount of new subscribers just for the in-game integration.