Suggestion: Xmas week in game

Please please Playground Games, give us a Christmas week with snow and Xmas decorations in game.


Or at least a festive Yuletide mushroom cloud.

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Will there be Saturnalia festivity in game too?

If the weather gonna stay the same in the UK as it currently is, spring will give a very accurate image how christmas it is this year. Like, i didnt even take my winter jacket out of the wardrobe :D.


It could be tough to do depending on number of models, but santa snowmen, christmas lights on buildings and perhaps change the lighting colors of the horizon festival would be fantastic.

We of course will be getting santa stuff in the forzathon shop.

Unfortunately, if I follow my seasons right, the holidays will land in the middle of summer. Perhaps we will get a strange summer snowfall XD


Why exactly did you guys not make it winter season for Christmas turn 10 its a visually stunning game and the map is great but engine noises this is the first game since fh2 that youve added rims. Window tint just under max lvl does nothing. I could go on but that fact is there will be no snow in forza on Christmas :joy: i dont get it. Must be a chistmas in Hawaii because im pretty sure its basically still fall in britian so turn 10 you were close…

Im a critic sorry. this is my favorite game to date. ill tell you to buy it and still bash the recycling of engine noises

LOVE YOU GUYS AT TURN 10 BUT YOUR ABOVE THAT. At least your fans hope you are. Patches not updates please :pray::pray: sincerely one of the victoms the the GREAT fh3 wipe when you took hours upon hours of others and my tunes decals cars and progress and forced a trade for 200 mill. I appreciate the compensation but i seriously hope it doesnt happen with this horizon series.

Maybe next year :man_shrugging:

since the game runs on 4 week cycles and there are 52 weeks a year, Christmas will always be during the summer.

Tuesday afternoon, I’ll be out at my parents’ and I’m leaving my Xbox at home. Tuesday night, I’ll probably be playing Smash Bros or something. (as much as I’ve come to like Forza, I do have other games too). So they could have Godzilla stomp through the game map on Christmas day for all I care.

Actually, that would be cool! But it’s probably too short notice to happen now. And they might have to secure the legal rights. Is Godzilla public domain? I don’t think it is. Maybe next year, they could have Godzilla stomp through the game map on Christmas day?

the “white” christmas is so done to death. every movie or tv show or whatever, ever, based around christmas has snow. Too bad that throws away the entire southern hemisphere which oddly enough is in summer, and always has a summer christmas.

Think of it less as a “no snow this is lame and boring” to “i wonder what its like to smash through a place with christmas lights at full speed and not have to worry about dying horribly!”

to that end they should add christmas lights and stuff to buildings, have the whole fake santas and deers and all that nonsense with the leds everywhere. Cause that sort of stuff does exist in the non snowed in places this time of year. The south side of the world is real!! Dont dismiss us!

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