Suggestion to add settings tab in pre-race screen

Today, I was preparing for a race when I got a Skype call. I wanted to continue racing while being able to hear what my friend was saying on Skype - however, as the in-game audio was too loud, that was not an option. I really wanted to be able to click on a tab called settings, navigate to the ‘audio’ segment and mute the game for the duration of the call. That was not an option however, with the result of an ALT-F4’d game.

In this day and age, it really is frustrating that I have to close out of a pre-racing screen, listen to a soundtrack that I cannot mute, to enter a settings menu, all to slightly turn down the sound, so I can hear what’s going on in a call. Please add a settings tab that I can access during pre-racing and during a race.