Suggestion to a better "STREET RACING SCENE" on Forza-Horizon 5

You did amazing job with Forza-Horizon 4 i rate your game 9/10. The only thing dev-team need improve is the “Street Racing Scene”.

On Forza-Horizon 5 the changes i will do with the “Street racing” will be this.

A) Dev-Team needs to play need for speed world there is some private server to understand better how that feels race on the street. Need for speed world is not a good game but is a very addictive-title having an amazing representation of how street-racing should be on a video-game.

B) Create 7 small-cities “without” lots of details but that have to be cities not “Roads”. 4 Springs + 1 circuit D-Rank cars first city. 4 springs + 1 circuit C-Rank cars second city, doing the same for B,A,S,S-2,X ranks as well. 28 Springs + 7 circuits is a decent amount without wasting too much resources. Once you beat all “Street racing scene” you can play any spring + circuit without limits. “Of course if you are using a S-Car the matchmaking will pair you with people + bots of your same level” NoT vs a D-Rank level 3 dude.

C) The races will happen on the “Cities” with 3-4 rails of space not just “2”, shorcuts will exist like on NFSW, “NOT CHECK POINTS” Street racing is everything about freedown.

D) Progression. The tunning pars for your car will “Drop” strickly racing Top speed, acceleration & handling. You will be unable to buy that with CR or RL money. You will need Level-5 “Street reputation” to be allowed use C cars, lv 10 b cars, lv 15 a cars, lv 20 S, lv 25 S-2, Lv 30 X

Ranks will be split on this way: D-142, C-284, B-426, A-568, S-710, S2-852, X-853 to 1000.

We are talking about 75 to 100 hours of content plus Forza will provide us a more realistic + accurate “Street racing simulator”.

Forza 5 needs to deal with its categories of racing better :-

“Street Racing” needs to be literal, in city street racing, with cars tuned for 90 corners short straights. etc.
“Road Racing” would be races on country roads, hi-ways etc. Sweeping curves through country side.
“Track racing” would be racing on dedicated race tracks, for giggles ideally the tracks would be a set of tracks shared with the concurrent release of FM, allowing players from both platforms to compete.

“Dirt” continue as rally stages, and “Cross country” as the “no holds barred would destroy any real vehicles and kill all the drives extreme RNG rally” we currently have.

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The Experience

Then we’ll need a new physics set too.

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NO, No, No, no. Performance and tuning parts should NEVER be tied to random drops That is my most HATED part of The Crew.

Doesn’t really fit with the whole set festival destination to have you globe trotting for track races. Plus straight up using tracks from Forza Motorsport leans too far into merging the 2 series into one, which I’d prefer not to happen.
Instead I’d have the Horizon Festival Build a brand new fictional track that includes several layout configurations with corners designed to mimic famous real world race track corners, and have the main festival site hosted at this track complex. Maybe even have a few smaller tracks pop up throughout the world as you progress through the game and the festival expands to the surrounding area. Kinda like a blend of FH2 and FH3, One big main festival site in a central location on the map, with more Hub locations that pop up as you progress.

Actually I’m not against the idea.

Open world + non-open world… this can actually solve quite a number of problems.