Suggestion: PvP in the open world (not head to head)

We have Forzathon live events which are co-op events and are kinda fun to play with the other players and their cars, but how about an alternative event where instead of being co-op, it is competitive? Like maybe just a sprint event where you might have a randomly generated race along a few roads and the winner takes all.

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How would it start? Any time multiple players drive into the “start area”? Horizon’s menus aside from the quick chat are restrictive. Even head to head races have unskippable cutscenes. I can’t imagine how they would try to put something like that together.

It would start the same as any other forzathon even but instead of being pink, it would be lime green/yellow (like a key lime). turn up in your best car, wait for the even to start and go. It’s not really a complicated concept.

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Just to make sure I’m understanding this correctly, it’d be like an impromptu head to head race between players in online freeroam that naturally occurs after a set amount of time in each lobby (like Forzathon Live)? If so, I could definitely get behind that. My main issue with the current PvP feature is that no one notices the notification when someone starts a race, so not too many players join. I’d love to have a naturally occurring race where players in freeroam are put against each other.

FTL happens once an hour, on the hour. Are you thinking, put it on a schedule? Regardless, I agree it would be nice to have something more consistent than the current multiplayer+headtohead without taking ages to load like team adventure.

Yes, that’s the general idea. Basically forzathon live but competitive, rather than co-operative.

And probably without the skills and drifting, just point-to-point racing.