Suggestion not a wish...well sort of a bug actually - Vehicle Categories

Apparently someone @ PG made the decision that the '15 Z06, SRT Viper, 08 Viper, and Corvette ZR1 were more muscle cars than super cars. Its rather unfortunate because now they’re relegated to facing off against Camaros, Challengers, mustangs and the like and not their natural European/Asian competition(GTR, R8, 488, Huracan, etc.) Pretty please with cherries on top for the next update, please change them to the “Modern super cars” class so that they can face off with their natural rivals.

Also, please change the 16 CTS-V (& maybe the Charger HC) to a super saloon as well so that It can be in its proper place against E63s, M5s, A6s and so on.


They reckon the Sierra is a saloon rather than a hatchback and its from the USA. There’s always been incorrect info on Forza. For the record the Sierra Sapphire is the Saloon variant.

The chances of this happening in an update are slim to none.

Best bet to see those face off is to select the cars individually when creating a custom blueprint, or to simply pick both categories of Muscle and Modern Supercar…

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Why are the chances slim to none? Maybe if we come together and agree on something that is incorrect, they’d be compelled to change it. I’m no developer but I’m pretty sure its something as simple as updating the class_id on the vehicle object or something of that nature.

With the addition of Blueprint, this is the most pointless complaint ever.

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If you don’t have anything constructive to add, I suggest that you just keep quiet and not post.

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While calling it a ‘pointless complaint’ is uncalled for, he does have a point - through Blueprint you can easily match up these cars against their ‘natural rivals’ as you put it. =)

Some of the decisions are also weird such as the SLS in the GT category? Or the V12 Zagato, that thing made its debut at the Nurburgring 24H, I doubt it would be the choice for cruising long distances. A DB9 or Ferrari 456/612 would’ve been fine.

Also to note, the Vulcan shouldn’t be under Hyper Cars, it should fall under extreme track toys. BTW the blueprint suggestion is kinda lame because you have to do it for every event where you want certain vehicles to line up. You should be able to create your own custom groups like we were able to back in FM4