Suggestion for next Clubbed Up Challenge

I am really enjoying all the Clubbed Up challenges that are taking place at the moment, the competition within clubs and against other clubs really has added a new dimension to the game.

My only “gripe” is that we are doing all these challenges on tracks we have probably done a thousand times already, my suggestion would be, why not unlock one of the Horizon Finales for the next Clubbed Up challenge ?

Either of those two tracks would be a revitalizing change. I know they are long, but I think the challenge of being fast and consistent may shake the leaderboards up a little.

Just a thought.

Nice idea, shame they cannot even run one in reverse, some of those tracks with big jumps would suddenly become a rather large hill to get up :slight_smile:

Some reverses of tracks would be awesome !

A little more time to complete the event would be cool too… out of a club of 600+, we only had 46 enter. More time might give us the time to get hold of the less active members :slight_smile:

That’s a nice turnout for your club having 46 people run it.

Agreed with the longer event, 3 day event at a weekend, our guys managed to run it but some had to find the time to get a run in, some were ill but managed to make a go of it and then the Superbowl didn’t help.

I would be very surprised if the Finale in a rivals event got a good, competitive turnout.

I like your idea,Iain,would love to run the first horizon final again and again,maybe in reverse,why not…
What i’d like to see is a reward like in other forza titles before,a special bounty hunter prize car…
I dont care about credits anymore,but a rare painted bounty with an exclusive tune would be awesome…
Beat a developer bounty…

Exclusive paint/tune sounds much better than the credits