[Suggestion] Change mixer levels to twitch levels or at least Facebook gaming

Since you can no longer get mixer levels in fh4 can you change it to some other live streaming thing live twitch or you tube or at least remove it.


I grinded Mixer for a whole week to get max level. I’m so proud of that. Please don’t try ruining it for us. :smiley:


They could leave the achievement in there as a Legacy thing or something and just put a new one in that is actively able to be completed. As is, it sits there annoying those of us who like having active achievements that we can work on. I have only been playing for a few months or so. It wasn’t until I found this forum and thread that I even knew what “Mixer” was.


Ding ding ding ding ding!!!

I understand you guys. In the end I doubt anyone would be upset if they deleted it. But it’s been so long since they dropped Mixer and they never bother about those achievements. Chances are it will just stay as it is now. Unfortunately…

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