Suggestion: blueprint tracks added into open racing/drifting

It would be really cool if Turn 10 hosted weekly/monthly blueprint track competitions and the ones that get the most votes or something of that sort get added into the online track rotations. This would really spice online up, IMO online has been getting pretty stale especially if you are someone like me who has spent a lot of time optimizing the existing tracks in rivals, using the blueprint feature to add in fresh tracks would really improve the experience as well as give the community a great incentive to create quality tracks with the blueprint editor.

As a second but minor note, it would be nice if 5 race championships were brought back, with large races lowering that number to 3 (so it would be 5 races if all are just normal tracks, and 3 if the first 2 are normal and the last one is the goliath or something). 3 quick races per championship just goes by way too fast, and the low race count is especially annoying when you join a championship that’s in progress.

Anyway just some suggestions I have to improve the online experience, I love the social element of online racing but it could really be expanded on.

Not until they fix the drivatars issues. While 5 races might be nice in championships like this weeks Underground Overground, I would hate to have to try to grind out 5 races of the Welcome to the Jungle where the drivatars were able to take turns like they were on rails despite the heavy rain and muddy conditions.

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I’m talking about in pvp online like open racing not pve online like the trial or pve like festival championships. Purely talking about open racing/team racing championships

No, leave online races as they are. Instead use the editor to spice up the eliminator with crazy jumps and obstacles.

why not both? if you think online is fine then you clearly don’t play it that much, playing the same tracks over and over gets old especially when you are in the top 3 most of the time. I don’t play eliminator but I think that using the editor to spice it up would be a good addition as well.

I can assure you I’ve played online races as much as you x100.

I wouldn’t be opposed to it as an addition. Could be fun.

I just don’t agree that online racing gets old for that reason and needs blueprints. There is a lot of variety in online racing with multiple classes, track types, weather conditions and time of day. What does get old imo is the lack of a ladder aka ranked racing. Also the inability to choose race class/track gets old real fast.

I agree that there is a lot of variety in online racing but in my opinion track variety is not one of them, although that may just be because I spend a lot of time in rivals so every track feels very familiar to me at this point. No ranked is also a huge bummer but considering how turn10 is going the casual route I believe that a system that encourages the community to get creative would be something they would reasonably do.

It would be interesting if they had a playlist where each championship is restricted by the car “type” (ex. a championship where you can only select a car in one of the hot hatch categories, so it would only be retro/super/hot hatches racing against each other) this way there is more reason to use a variety of cars and each championship feels more unique. IMO another issue making online stale is the meta, and although I try not to use meta cars it is quite irritating seeing the same 4 cars fill up the grid in nearly every race, it makes the variety added by different classes much less “variable”, restricting classes would be an interesting way to alleviate that.

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I agree adding more tracks would be a good feature. The problem is deciding how to choose them…if you look at the top rated (liked) custom tracks in the game and a lot of them are just rubbish or require no effort to complete. It is next to impossible to find the good tracks due to the thousands of tracks that have no effort put in.

It seems to me that the easier the track is, the higher it is rated…technical tracks that require effort, skill and concentration often get no likes. In the end, you would have online filled with boring low skill tracks

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that’s very true, I’d say that in order to counter-act this tracks would need to specifically be registered in the competition and the competition would have its own vote rating system separate from the broader rating system. There would obviously need to be a lot of manual interpretation on turn 10s part, so if a track gets the most votes but it’s terrible then it gets skipped in favor of the second track. Another idea to counter-act this is that every competition 2 tracks win, 1 track which the community votes on and another track which the turn10 devs themselves vote on, selecting from a pool of tracks which only players capable of reaching top 1% times in rivals create. Something of that nature

Also bare in mind if players aren’t familiar with the course or find it too hard then it will instantly change from a race to a ram fest.

I’d sooner do 5 races than 100 miles.