[Suggestion] About the New Subtitles

The new subtitles (since version: 1.367.746.2) appeared way too intrusive.

Consider adding an option to allow using of the old subtitles.

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I agree with this.

Did you read all of the page you linked


To improve the experience for our players who use subtitles, the following changes have been made to the subtitling system:
Subtitle Location – We have now moved our subtitles to the bottom center of the screen, away from their original location on the left hand side.
Subtitle Font Size – Players can now adjust the font size of all subtitles from within the Video Settings menu
Subtitle Background Opacity – Players can now adjust the transparency of the subtitle background from within the Video Settings menu
Subtitle Option Preview – Players can now see an example of their subtitle settings by pressing the Options button from within the Video Settings menu

Did you try what you posted?..

Nope Because i dont want or need subtitles

I’ve put up screenshots on Twitter to show the difference before and after:

The new design is great for legibility. The old design is great for when you want them to be unobtrusive. It comes down to personal need and preference. But if the old design remained an option, it would make everyone happy.

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