Suddently low FPS

Hello all

I’m writing here to ask if anyone else suddently experience lower performance than usual / lower frames per second (FPS)?

My problems starts last sunday - the 22th of march - I went ingame and suddently my FPS was cut almost in half.
Lets take the horizon festival location as an example; I usually have 75-ish FPS there with everything maxed out (with 4xMSAA and not 8x though, also no FXAA) but then I suddently had 45-ish FPS. And to makes things clear, it’s not only around the festival, it’s everywhere. Even inside the festival looking at my car or inside a house. I tried restarting my PC multiple times and that didn’t work.
I knew I didn’t have the latest Nvidia driver installed at the time (did work with the 2nd oldest one since it released) so I downloaded it and installed it and nope, that didn’t work either.
I then went into Windows Update to check after updates and yes, I had a update ready. I think it had something to do with framework, I am not fully sure.
I downloaded the Windows update, installed it, restarted and wupti, my FPS was back to normal - everything ran perfectly as usual.
Then the day after, in the morning, I was playing an hour or so before work. Everything still ran perfectly. Then after work I went in to play again and damn; my FPS was cut in half again.
I was at the exact 45-ish FPS again. And nope - no new updates for Windows this time.

I then downloaded an older driver from Nvidia - not sure how much older than the newest one at the time, maybe 3-4 times back if that makes sense (not sure how to explain; English is not my native langauge) - installed it, restarted my PC and wupti, my FPS was back again! Everything again ran perfectly!

Now today, the problem is back - my FPS is AGAIN cut in half - the exact same 45-ish FPS around the festival…

Again, I checked for new Windows updates and there was a new package for 1909 - installed it, restarted my PC, and that didn’t work.
I then tried downloading the all Nvidia driver, the one made for Half Life Alyx in hopes of it would fix it and nope - it did not fix the problem.

I’m now extremely frustrated because FH4 is like my main game, so I’m kinda hoping I’m not the only one with this problem and also hoping that someone might know a real fix.

And no, before anyone asks, my PC is clean, my hardware is good (my temps fx) so I KNOW it’s not directly my PC. Any other game runs perfectly as always.

Again, I really hope someone can help.

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My Solution after updating my Drivers, uninstalled the whole Game and re-installed afterwards.

Seems like the last Update of FH4 just messed up my Installation of this Game.

You had the same problem like me?

This sounds to me, like you have auto update on nVidia drivers turned on.
Latest drivers also turned my games (not just FH4) into micro stuttery mess, had to clean them (used DDU) and install one version before, which was/is fine.

Hmm, I went trough settings and only found auto download … I’m sorry, I don’t know what could be causing your problem then.

GeForce Experience does not automatically download updates on my PC. I have to manually press download on the ready driver in GeForce Experience, so yeah, mostly likely isn’t my problem.
But thanks anyway. I appreciate all help, even though it might not make a difference.

I could try to completely remove all graphics card drivers and reinstall them. It might fix it in my situation.

I have made a Forza support ticket on my problem. I think I’ll wait to see what they say to me. If they cannot find a fix, I’ll try removing all graphics card drivers as mentioned.

Again thanks - and I’m glad you fixed your problem.

Right so I tried completely removing my GPU drivers and then I installed an older one and that had no effect.

So I thought whatever I’ll just download and keep the newest one. Then strangely enough, after installing the latest one (which I tried multible times now with restarts afterwards) it works again. My FPS is back to normal.
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I feel like it’s a Windows thing that bugs it out, like some months ago with BF3 - of course, it’s not something I know.

Oh well, I hope my FPS sticks this time but it probably won’t lol.

I have a similar problem on Xbox One X: When driving Mudkicker 4x4 in the snow, my FPS drops massively when entering the puddle before the triple jump straight. Never had a performance drop before.

After talk with Nvidia customer support, we came to the conclusion that I should try and clean out my GPU cooler, even though temps were alright. So I did and I don’t have random poor performance anymore.