Sudden crash on prologue

When playing with the first 4 cars, the game suddenly crashes after a little while of playing, had it happen 2 times on around 25% of the Merc and some more times in other cars.
Game will not show me an error code but just freezes and crashes after 3-5 seconds.
Have tried reïnstalling, did this not help the problem.

I hope turn 10 are able to reproduce this error and fix it soon. can’t wait to play!

Pc specs:

i9 10980hk
RTX 2080 super max q
32gb ram
Playing on nvme ssd

i had the same problem

shut down your antivirus, discord and any kind of app that monitor your hardware, including anything related to your mouse or your headset or your gpu

is the only way i’ve found to move through the prologue and to play the game (and yes, you’ll have to do it every time)