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Kind of curious. Why does T10 not put alcohol or tobacco sponsorships on their cars? Obviously the Marlboro logos are missing from the McLaren F1 cars and the Ferrari F1 car, but what some might not know is that Lite(in reference to the beer) is missing from the #2 Brad K Team Penske Ford. I’m not asking for them to be implemented, for obvious reasons. But I’m more curious as to why. I know some of it may be so the ESRB rating wouldn’t be raised, but is there another reasoning? I know the XL T&Cs and what not prohibit illegal substances, even though it’s based on age, but it is technically legal. I can’t imagine it would have anything to do with the Tobacco advertising ban in F1 because the Lite is missing from the Ford. Any other reasons?

They may well be banned from appearing in videogames in some territories and not having them is a hell of a lot easier than trying to manage localisation of content.

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It’s a racing game. Chucking substance sponsors in because it’s ‘technically legal’ is more controversy than it’s worth. It’s just not that important.


While it maybe true about the controversy issue, there are plenty of games that incorporate the placement of tobacco and alcohol ads. GTA V, Fallout to some extent, CoD, and WWE are among some of the few. However I disagree with your statement about its importance. The McLaren/Marlboro and later Ferrari/Marlboro sponsorship teams were absolutely important in all aspects. Ferrari was officially known as Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro for some time because of how big the sponsorship was. You cant just ignore something that substantial. I mean, honestly if Marlboro didn’t sponsor some of the teams it has, they wouldn’t be around possibly. Same could be said with some NASCAR sponsor. Budweiser and Lite were huge sponsors for Dale Jr and Brad K/ Kurt B for quite some time. They took off the Budweiser logo and replaced it DEI logos in cars for obvious reasons, but this isn’t a children’s movie. This is a racing game that is suppose to incorporate all aspects of racing. I feel like sponsorship would be a HUGE aspect.

No, but it is a children’s game.


No, there’s a specific childrens ESRB rating. This is a game for “everyone.” Hence the E. The two aren’t the same.

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It’s almost entirely the ESRB/Rating reasoning. There are plenty of games that have tobacco or alcohol logos, but they aren’t rated for kids like racing games are. Adding them in could raise the ESRB to 15 or 17 plus and it may not seem that bad but then it’s cutting out a huge market of gamers because of a few accurate logos.

The other reasoning is to do with the advertising bans in some countries. It may be a game but logos of real life tobacco and alcohol brands can still become a problem in some countries. As another user said, it’s easier to cut it out completely than create localized versions.

It’s not just T10. EA and Eutechnyx both replaced sponsors from their NASCAR games, Codemasters replaced them in the F1 games and all the MotoGP games had them replaced too.


Actually DMI added as part of a DLC to NASCAR '15 included Miller to Brad K’s car this was the first one I had ever saw in a game period. One of the ways I think this was done is because it was a paid DLC and that transaction is supposed to be handled by someone that is over 18. When NASCAR had Winston as their title sponsor the signage never had Winston on it either. But, this game is primarily marketed and sold in North America.

One of the weird things with this is the fact that for Clint Bowyer’s Five Hour Energy car does not appear on the car anywhere. And that is from what I understand is the company’s decision to not have it there due to kids being exposed to it.

And did you stop and think that maybe it is Marlboro’s decision not to have their name and logo on the cars in game? Because they do not want to deal with backlash that would inevitably come with it? Same with Budweiser as well as other sponsors like these. There was also an agreement between alcohol companies to not have their logos in games back in the early 90’s. And this was well before the ESRB and PEGI was created.

Just add the logos in the editor and be happy those are allowed.


Allowed; but just barely.

First off, drop the tone. This is a discussion thread, not somewhere where you can act pretentious. Talking specifically about that last paragraph. Second, it’s BARELY allowed with part of the T&Cs prohibiting making reference to alcohol, drugs, or anything of that nature. Because for some reason it’s not allowed even though it’s a sponsor. Also, I paid $20 for this expansion and the other F1 cars, and you have to be 18 to make a transaction. So why wouldn’t it be allowed using that type of reasoning?

I was not trying to be “pretentious” or anything like that. And yes I realize the dlc & 18 y/o thing I stated may be confusing to you. But, I also stated that “This game (NASCAR '15) is primarily marketed and sold in North America”. Forza on the other hand is sold and marketed worldwide. Another reason (among other reasons we all think are silly or do not understand all together) Miller Lite was probably not in this game. Again not trying to be pretentious and not having a tone. Just trying to explain it.

Its not “confusing” to me at all. Lol. Why do you think that? Again, you need to learn how to voice your opinion.

Its not “confusing” to me at all. Lol. Why do you think that? Again, you need to learn how to voice your opinion.

Okay Sunshine we are done here. You might need to get your Clutch adjusted it seems a little too sensitive.

Please leave the all personal comments to Private Messages, IF they are necessary.

There are a lot of reasons why things change and most have nothing to do with Turn 10 decision-making.

We can recreate (which everything is done in the livery editor is anyway) the older sponsor logos/advertising but even in Formula One (real life, not gaming) so many countries banned alcohol/tobacco advertising, those teams - like Ferrari - lost a lot of real-life sponsorship revenue. The regulations on what can be depicted on the vehicles are totally under the Xbox Live Code of Conduct.

Some countries (or states) allow a certain type of tobacco sales or use, but on Xbox Live that is prohibited and always has been. It used to be on airline flights you could smoke a cigarette, but not a long-burning cigar. Now cigarettes are prohibited, and so are the “electronic” versions. Those are airline regulations, and if you want to use the service, it is the same as Xbox Live - you play by the rules.

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Maybe it’s Budweiser that doesn’t want their logo in the game? If they’ve seen the crashfest that rammers cause in the online lobbies, they wouldn’t want the implied connection of the bad behavior and their products.


I believe it’s a combination of ESRB rating and Sponsors choice. With strong movements like TRUTH and MADD, it’s just not something anyone wants to deal with. Why put yourself in a position that could bring you negative publicity, or worse, a lawsuit when someone’s kid drinks and kills himself in a car wreck. We live in a society of political correctness and lawsuits. It’s sad though.


I should add that in no way am I complaining or saying I want it to change, even though it bothers me it is what it is. Maybe for a good reason, maybe not. But I wish they had put “Brad K” in the same font as “Lite.” But I’ll live.

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I agree 100% that was one thing that prior Nascar (and other motorsport) games did right, was put the name or fake sponsor in a similar font/logo style as the original.

Exactly. Like for example during Kurt B and Brad Ks run in the #22 Penske Ford they would put “Double Deuce” on children’s toys and what not in the same font. It wasn’t the logo itself, but it was better than a vastly different font being used.

Well we used to have all the Rothmans sponsored cars in previous Forza titles as a manufacturer design, I guess things have become a lot more ‘PC’ and the people behind it have a sense of responsibility to not allow children to see them since this is a E-Rated game for everyone.

Though remember this doesn’t stop you from creating alcohol sponsors and tobacco in game and if we ever were not allowed to make them in game would probably be the day I stop playing. Though when not wanting people to see it and then start using these products I find rather silly, I see tobacco sponsors everywhere and I’m yet to be tempted to even touching the stuff I think it’s disgusting though to me liveries of the tobacco era look amazing. Though with the latest Porsche 962C I’m still at least happy they keep that livery on it and don’t change it for another 962C livery from that time but instead change the Rothmans logo to Porsche but it still has the iconic look.

Which brings me to another point (a little off topic but related) is something some people may find strange is that McLaren who attend Goodwood every year have told their customer owners with McLaren F1’s that they cannot attend FoS if their F1 has been or still has the tobacco liveries on them which is crazy as McLaren themselves are pretty much founded on Marlboro.

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