Subaru WRX STI 2011 rallycross (my first)

Gamertag - Fullesh
Car - Subaru WRX STI 2011
Livery - rallycross wrx

>>Originally<< was this design made for impreza wrx sti 2015, but i don’t have carpass.

check my other work in gallery

great work and a really great looking livery

Looks really great!! But maybe you should try to remake your Subaru logo because it looks a bit weird with the stock fonts but except from that the whole thing looks really good !! Nice job :slight_smile:

Great work! This was one of the two designs I was going to do for the 15’ Subaru, had the RedBull GRC logo done but I ended up making a pain in the butt 24 Hour Nurburgring design :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you get the 2015 Subaru soon so you can slap the design on it if not I will haha, again great work for a first design, deserves some more attention :slight_smile:

Thx for comments and good luck with your projects “SCS Skreamies”. But as i say, i dont buy carpass. :slight_smile:

Iam lookin for new project, but i no have idea. I made some little stuff from 2F2F (Honda NSX and Dodge RAM)

For a first paint job that’s very good, you get better as you paint more, I’ve used a paint job for more than one car, change the main model car logo over looks good on other makes. At the moment car pass is half price to me it’s worth it as I love painting classic cars etc. As for your Subaru logo if you group the letters with a space between each letter, copy & paste it, and move the second set of letters to the right a bit it will make the letters look wider and better, I do this with all letters if I make from scatch or not.

Lots better than my first paint ever was, looking good mate.