Subaru BRZ HE?

Has the Subaru BRZ HE ever been a Forzathon prize? I really would like to get one but the average 11 million auction price is my total bankroll.

It used to be in wheelspins a long time ago i think, Its possible in the future it might a forzathon car but who knows lol.

I own 12 Million, an need an BRZ HE…

This was the car that took me the most effort to get from the auction house. I must have lost some 50 auctions before I got it. I think I eventually got it for ~3 M.

There’s people trying to sell them for 100 million in Facebook groups ,its one of only 4 cars I now need to own all the cars I can physically buy,as I cant buy the pre order ones ,people just seem to hoard cars for no reason RAM Runner HE being another one I should never have sold it when I finished Blizzard Mountain

I’m beginning to think that the majority of randoms don’t care about the Forzathons. Just look at how difficult it generally is to get a co-op race done in a random co-op session.

And I think it is this lack of care that allows the scalpers to make such a killing off of Forzathon exclusive cars. Even after the BRZ (and even Macan) challenges were revealed, scalpers still made a killing off the cars.

I put some effort to do co-op for the Porsches, but for 90,000 CR? Only worth it if you’re bent on going for platinum, otherwise it’s pointless.

I didn’t do the Macan challenge either and would rather just buy one instead, as with the other recent online-only Forzathon prizes (Dart HE, 918).

Luckily for me the upcoming challenge for the 911 Turbo S in December will be ridiculously easy to beat, so I’m not too bothered. :smiley: