Sub 7 Goliath Lap Record

So with the new 599XX Evo I managed to pull a 7:07 lap (sim steering, manual, rwd). Wondering if anyone got a sub 7 yet? Curious to see your time.

I had a 6:57 with the Mosler when it was introduced.

The 599XX Evo should be able to go sub 6:50s.

I bet you can get close to 6.40.

My record with Mosler was 7.11 and with 599XX Evo i get 6.59 car could go lap mutch faster but driver dont.

6:39 is possible with the Mosler.

PB in the Mosler was 07:02.948 and was the 1st lap of the race.

Whilst testing tunes for the 599XX evo got a 06:54 and change but no vid of it… Yet…

2 new PB’s in a row in this one but making errors too often atm

As for 6:39?.. I think that might get beat by this car in the right hands.

This is a 6:43 with it. There’s a 6:37 in my channel as well but only the last 2-4 minutes were recorded, the rest of the capture got corrupted.

What tunes are everyone using?

i tune all my cars
cannot bring myself to use others’

Got a replay of a 06:42.7 (got the time at the end of the race and then the replay + awards screens).
I’m using my own tune :slight_smile:


Sub 7 min is defiantly possible, did a 6:39.9 single lap using the 599xx evo.