Stuttering fps, slow loading times, laggy menus.

My friend and I both have these issue for FM7 PC.

My specs:

Windows 10
16gb ram (2x8gb)
RX 480 4gb
SSD boot 128gb~ (Crucial M4)
SSD Games, 480gb (Crucial BX300) (FM7 on here)
HDD Games/storage 1TB WD green
Dell 4k monitor but play at 1080p 60hz

Friends specs:

Windows 10
12gb ram
GTX 1050ti (Think that’s what it was)
HDD Everything 2TB Seagate
Either a 900p or 1080p monitor, assume 60hz

I’ve played on many different settings and the only difference really seems to be visual quality. I have no idea what my friend plays on.

Another thing that contributes to slow startup loading times is having to load all of the splash screens “That you can not skip!”
Alright, now to describe the problem a bit more. My friend and I have had these problems since the game has come out and have been waiting patiently for them to be fixed. All we really do is Multiplayer lobbies. The load times are poor. I’m talking startup, loading into a singleplayer race, changing tracks for SP. In multiplayer we often don’t get to vote because of all the “pop-ups” which are the notifications of rewards and level up and whatever that’s all about (We just skip though it as fast as possible to get back to lobby) and black loading screens. Quite often we don’t even get to change cars or assists or tunes because we have a loading wheel on our person in the persons list. Also when scrolling though the peoples list, their cars and players load slowly or don’t load at all even though their in a car and not garage.

One thing that makes this so annoying is that I went out and bought a ssd specifically for this game and got 0, that’s zero performance increase. (from 1tb wd green to 480gb ssd)
I can watch task manager on my drives and nothing is really happening. The highest I see my ssd go to is 40MB at like 10% or something.

Stuttering fps happens when a new race is starting in MP, this happens more often for my friend and it’s worse for him too. I guess this could also be apart of the laggy menus. Say you’re trying to build up a car and it takes for ever because the shop menus are so stuttery/freeze/slow/?low fps? It’s not just the shop menus either, it’s all of them.

I thought I would post this after reading about people with ssd’s for this game and it loading very fast for them. Does anyone have a solution for these problems? Are we the only ones? Is it only PC?

Short/simple list of the problems:

Slow loading times:
Switching menus
Going into SP
Going into MP
SP Track load
MP Track load
SP Track Change
MP Track Change
MP End race return to lobby
SP Car Change
MP Car Change

Stuttering fps/Laggy Menus
Start of MP race can stutter for 30~ seconds
Main Menu
SP Menu
MP Menu
Garage Menu
Shop Menu
Video settings Menu
Controller Menu
Tuning Menu
Upgrade Shop Menu