Stuttering and frame pacing

I7 7700K
32GB sysram

So I’m having an absolutely nauseating time playing the game, Ive tried a number of different graphics settings, default settings, Video settings including windowed and fullscreen. Vsync on and off. But nothing Ive tried seems to mitigate the constant inconsistent frame pacing (Being a freeze or visible frame delay, Then a speed up) and regular stuttering, Dropped frames altogether. This is exactly how Horizon 3 played on two of my PCs. But I had no such issue with Horizon 4, Having that game run very smooth and consistent on two different PC setups.
I’ve also witnessed it on one or two youtube videos of the game. So whether others have it and it just might not be as perceptible to them, I’m not sure.
I’d love to know if anyone else has any experience with this as its making me too nauseous to continue playing.

I have exactly the same system specs as you and am having the same issues too. I really hope they fix these issues as H4 ran flawlessly.

At least I’m not alone. My worry is that this seems to be the identical performance issue as in Horizon 3. And the last time I booted that game up maybe a year ago. It had never been fixed. It would be a real shame if 3 years of playing horizon 4 smoothly only to have 5 come out nearly unplayable, And all due to a technical issue that should have been fixed years ago.

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I have same spec and same issue

I’m not sure if theres proper bug reporting channels to go about addressing this. But hopefully the notoriety of multiple people noting the same issue will get some attention. It would be nice if theres a client side fix for this. But I believe because of its nature and consistency with previous titles, That this will be an issue thats addressed from the Devs side.

I have the same issue and it makes the game feel terrible to play. I’ve been trying to search for a solution or more people complaining about it, and while I’ve found some other threads, it’s always someone describing it in a different fashion.

Edit: To be clear, I don’t have the same specs. I’m on an i9-9900k and a 2080 Ti with 32 GB of RAM.

Hoping they will recognize it as an Issue as it does not seem that they have yet

Sometimes the game is like a flip book animation, frame rate all over the place. I think all the love went to the XBOX version.
All drivers updated
In-game settings high

Ryzen 7 5800X
Radeon RX 6900 XT

Put “Environment Texture Quality” to Medium or High and restart game.
Ultra and Extreme settings cause extreme micro-stuttering, especially in cities with alot of buildings.

Thank you so much for the suggestion. Hopefully others try it.
I tried without any noticeable change. There might be an ever so slight decrease in the hard ‘stutters’ or frequency of them. But overall its the same issue persisting.
I’ve tried every preset setting in the graphics menu to try to alleviate the issue but it very much seems like a software side issue not working correctly.
I have notices that my cursor is staying on screen during gameplay, which didn’t happen in Horizon 4. As well as if I tab or change programs while holding a button(IE: clutch) that the function is stuck on when I refocus the game. Which kind of tells me that the program is not prioritizing or running on the correct affinity level in windows. Ive tried to mess with this in task manager. Trying some old tricks from the classic NFS days. But this also doesnt seem to help.

I’ve found that playing offline (Horizon Solo mode) alleviates the majority of the stuttering for me, indicating that a lot of it is networking related. Probably has something to do with the server disconnect/lag issues they’ve been having since launch.

Yep, Running in offline mode hasnt helped the stuttering but it does help with the constant disconnections and desyncs

Same issue. I have even tried the lowest setting and two different pcs and the game stutters quite a bit. its impossible to play .

Ryzen 5800X
RTX 3080
32Gb ram

Hi guys, I created this account because I might have a solution for you. Today I notice some frames pacing and I was sick of it. The only difference with yesterday was i turn on my second screen… One shut down, with only the main screen runing everything is back to normal with a perfect fluidity… Hope this help some of you. (Sorry for my bad English)

Ill try that in a bit. Thanks for the recommendation. I do run a second screen and its a plausible interference. They very much aught to fix that on the software end. But I actually wish the only problem I was having with the game was the Frame pacing and stuttering. The entire day now Ive had constant CTD. Even my first bluescreen in 2 years. I think this game is killing my computer. It’s in a completely unplayable state for me now. Ive tried starting it with zero background processes. Disabled all my peripheral programs. Even disabled the xbox game bar. And got the game to run for about an hour before crashing to desktop. Now the game wont boot at all after a crash before I restart my entire PC. Mind you I played all of Friday without a single crash.

I cannot remember the last time I had so many technical issues with a game. This is an unacceptable state to release any game at. Yet here we are. Preorders and all.

Double post oopsie

Same issue.

Tried vsync on/off (in game and nvcpl) - lowering from detected extreme to ultra preset - setting various fps limits - the suggestion above of reducing environment textures to medium - vsync on @ 72 fps suggested here and still frametimes randomly spiking high.

Hi, same issue, my config

Ryzen 7 5800x
16gb 3600ghz memory
AMD Radeon RX 6800
Nvme SSD

Latest Windows 11 and drivers installed (i same restalled w11 today, always stuttering issue)

No problem on forza horizon 4

(Sorry for my ban english)

After tons of testing various graphics settings I found it’s being online that causes the stuttering; when it loads other drivers in proximity it stutters. Horizon solo = 0 stutters.


Both taken with graphics on extreme preset and a 100fps limit.

I’ve opened a ticket and will report back here.

EDIT: I found disabling the settings under hud and gameplay for player cars and characters allows me to play online stutter free.

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Hey, I’d be very interested to know which settings exactly you changed under HUD and Gameplay? So far I haven’t been able to solve the stuttering by any means other than switching to Horizon Solo.