Stuttering after Hotfix

On release the performance was nice and I didn’t have any stutters, the game ran smoothly but after hotfix it started stuttering constantly, the smoothness gone and the pleasure of playing the game gone with it. Please fix what was broken.

Same here, before patch I had stable 60fps on high, but now, game is almost unplayable, even on low/off…

If you put “enviroment texture quality” on “high” , does that help?
If you try to play in horizon solo mode, does that make any change?

Same problem here, I used to play on Ultra 45-60fps (50~fps) and now the game stuters a lot and in Guanajuato i get around 25 fps xD.

I’m experiencing this aswell, I could run the game perfectly but after the hotfix it started to stutter so much that it became unplayable even on the lowest settings.