Stutter in menus

I think this might have started well before the November 27 patch but all the menus stutter, mainly the race setup, post race, garage menus are stuttering real bad.


They’ve been stuttering really bad for me since day one. In-race used to stutter horribly too, but the recent major patch (2 patches ago) fixed in-race stuttering. Menus are still terrible.

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Not sure what’s causing it to be like this.

Menus are still stuttering…this needs to be fixed.

I think it is their way of telling us buy an Xbox One X. They work fine on PC or at least a lot better but I play mostly on the Original Xbox One. I don’t have a One X but the animated menu’s are just too much for the original. How about an option for static or animated menus Turn 10? I really don’t care if the guy moves or not. It isn’t worth the performance hit. Sometime you can’t even choose a car because of it.

its not stuttering…!
but fps drops under 60 so if u have vsync on u seem that it stutters…!
and i believe there is a MEMORY LEAK issue in this game since release date…
we have 2 BIG PROBLEMS from the beginning that still continue which also makes us players SCREAMING…! but DEVELOPERS DOESNT CARE…!!!

  1. CTD Crash to Desktop
  2. FPS DROPS after some races or spending some time in car menus or garage…

FPS DROPS caused by this game because normally i dont have any fps drops when i start the game eveything is smooth my fps is 60 and gpu usage is around %65-70 in menu but somehow after some races or going to my garage then turn back to main menu my fps is now 40-45 and my gpu usage %100…oh wow look at the difference of GPU USAGE and FPS…!

1)ITS TIME TO FIX THIS ISSUES instead of releasing new dlc…! im bored to restart the game every after 4-5 races…
2)Remove turn10 and microsoft studios animation while starting the game which makes it long to reach main menu when i HAVE TO restart the game because of your buggy game

FPS and GPU usage observation done with riva tuner coming with msi afterburner

the move to multithread optimization helped with the actual races as they’re all super smooth 60fps, but it’s only the menus. I have tried using RTSS and I do notice the drops in menus with some short and some long like in the pre-race menu when it’s loading into the track.

I do have 60fps v-sync on but I can test 60fps no v-sync and unlocked.