Stutter count in the benchmark (Frame pacing). Need help

Hello everyone!

8700K stock
3080 RTX TUF (Driver 496.49)
16GB DDR4 (3200, XMP)
Win 10.

I have an issue, when there are a lot of skipped frames (“Stutter Count”) in the benchmark. I remember that I had the same problem in FH4, but It has been fixed somehow (I don’t remember how). Now i have the same issue.

FPS in benchmark and in the game is OK, i guess (playing all maxed out, except MSAA, it’s x4, not x8, in 1440p). Benchmark fps is 86-88. In-game avarage fps is about 85-120. Everything seems visually smooth. But in the benchmark, the avarage stutter count is 150-220 (!!) and I can see some microfreezing during the test (when the car go through town). I don’t have same stuff in-game.

I already tried: Increasing page file, disabling Freesync, changing presets. But the issue is still exists.

Please, help.

Sorry for my English.

Its a problem with “environment texture quality” , put it on high and the stutter count will reduce massively. ultra and extreme setting causes massive stutter count.
It’s not a problem with your PC, just the game is not properly optimized yet.


Well, I wish it was so easy, mate. Doesn’t work for me. Even on High, there are a lot of skipped frames detected (100-220). As I said, FH4 had the same issue for me, but was fixed somehow, FFS I can’t remember how. But thanks for answer anyway.

Any other suggestions guys? Please?


I had a similar stuttering issue in FH4 that was 100% related to joining a convoy. My game would run perfectly smooth until I joined a convoy or someone joined my convoy, then it would start stuttering. Finding a new horizon life session fixed the stutters 100% of the time. Might be related to the stuttering in FH5 as I also have stuttering in this game. But since convoys/horizon life is super broken right now, we probably won’t know if it’s related to that until those things get fixed.

I have the exact same issue as you and have literally tried everything I can think of both inside the game and outside it. Doesn’t matter if my graphic are maxed or lowest, resolution 1080p or 4k, every time huge stutter count. Literally unplayable. Hope this gets fixed soon…

Well, I don’t think our stuttering “types” are the same. But good to know. Thanks.

Thank you for your answer mate. What specs do you have? And what amount of stutters do you usually get in “stutter count” after benchmarking?

Here’s mine, a weaker GPU, no stutters. Maybe these settings would help you.

Thank you for answer, mate. But I don’t think stutter count depends on preset (settings). And after all, it’s kinda strange to use high-medium presets on 3080 RTX, don’t you think? :slight_smile:

I am still worried that this issue is not so common. Only one member (post above) has the same problem. I think something wrong with my PC, but I don’t know what exactly, since I have a decent specs and updated drivers and WIN10.

More suggestions guys, please?

The game has an issue with one particular setting which causes it to run badly on high end machines IIRC. I don’t think there is a problem at your end, just wait for them to improve things with a patch I reckon.

Also the other poster said they had stutters regardless of settings so I just thought I’d post my results to show it isn’t universal.

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Well, I just switched my DESKTOP refresh rate to 60Hz, so in-game benchmark automatically locked at 60FPS (NVCPL V-Sync is on). And after the benchmark, my stutter count was only “1” (one!).
What am I suppose to do? The game wants me to play with locked 60fps even though I have 3080RTX+165Hz monitor? That’s not good.

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I’m having absolutely horrible stuttering as well with a 3080 FTW3 and an i7 6700k. When I was able to finally load the game (after disabling Avast) it chose Ultra settings. I’ve had to drop it down to High and it’s still stutter-o-rama, barely playable. There’s also plenty of hard-locking to be had. Also horrible pop-in with graphics. And many more bugs.

I’ve tried adjusting the refresh rate, tried running in performance mode which looked beyond horrible with huge pixels, disabled g-sync, and dropped it down to 1080p and the stutters always persist. I’d mess around with the Nvidia control panel settings if I could but since the game folder is completely inaccessible and it doesn’t seem to detect FH5 on its own I cannot have custom settings for it. Currently with the game’s FPS counter on it seems to stay between 100 and 150.

FH5 is a beautiful buggy mess. I got this new RTX and a 2k monitor running at 240Hz largely for Forza. FH4 had the occasional hiccup but mostly ran smooth as silk. FH5 feels like it’s chewing gravel by comparison. Disappointed doesn’t begin to explain my feelings. Really hoping they fix this soon.

For now I’m going to give that 60Hz desktop refresh rate a try.

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Please see the Support thread pinned at the top of the forum. If you cannot achieve a solution by following the steps in the thread and any listed on Forza Support, Submit a Ticket as described in the pinned Support thread. This is an issue that cannot be solved by posting on the forums.

Some also suggested to try disabling Xbox Game Bar (start - settings - gaming - xbox game bar) and the stutters would go away.
applications with in-game overlays are known to cause issues now and then with all kinds of games.

Might not be a universal solution, but it’s worth a try nevertheless.

I feel you, bro :frowning: Same stuff.

Well, I wish things will be so easy, but still not sure about my own side.

I already submited a ticket. But for now, Agent’s solutions don’t work (Update Windows, Turn-off Monitoring software and turn-on High Performance mode in Win settings).

Well, my XBOX Game Bar is turned off since FH4, so this solution doesn’t work.

I am afraid, DEVs aint’ going to add this issue into the Known Issues list, because the problem is not so common :frowning:

Hi bro i have the same issue, did you find a solution for it ? , when i set 60hz like you, the stutter count is 1-10, but when i set my monitor to 144hz and unlimited fps i get this results.


Unfortunatly not, mate.

But I submitted the ticket. And after dialogue with Agent of the support team, he said that:

“Thank you for reporting this issue. We are currently looking into this and your ticket will be added to our investigation. I am marking this ticket “Solved” and we will send out an announcement to the Community when we have a resolution.”

Well, we have to wait. But I am not sure if they will consider this issue like a problem wich can be solved by patch\update. I am afraid that this issue is on our sides :frowning: