Stupid question about telemetry

OK So I am trying to det up a car from scratch. When I go ro telemetry and view the 4 “thermometer” bars for ride height I see them as plus means higher ride height. I am seeing noe a car “topping” nor “bottoming” as I would expect. Are these bars upside down? Are they shoeing the wheel height in respect to the cat? IE is a positive number, toward suspension bopttoming out and negative when the whell is alost in the air?

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The number shows the ratio of the spring travel compared to its maximum travel.

+0.5 means spring is compressed to 50% of its maximum compression value (I have no way of determining this value in FM5).

-0.3 means spring is extended to 30% of its maximum extension value.

The compression frequently shows +0.98. I interpret this as hitting the bump rubber or pretty much bottoming out.

If the compression is more severe, it will show 1.00 and the bar will turn red > this condition should be avoided.

Therefore, not hitting 0.98 means you have provided adequate suspension support. If it does not exceed 0.50, then the suspension may be TOO stiff.

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