Stuck in Dubai

Only choice in Free Play is Dubai environment; Test Drive; Multi Class & Experimental Drag are only race type choices. On PC Win 10 platform. Have completed all Forza Cup activities; no problem with tracks there. Thanks for any help!


Yeah. I would also like to know why there are no other tracks to choose.
I am also stuck and would like to know why you can´t get any further.
I have won that dragrace 10 times now…
Hope somebody can help.

While this is not an answer to the original poster’s question, it might be the answer I would have been looking for the 1st time I attempted free play. I found it hard to find how to do anything but the drag race.

Enter Free Play then on the main screen go to the “Setup” tab (LB on X-Box) then select “Race Setup.” From there scroll down to “Game Type” and change the game type to whatever you like other than “Experimental Drag,” and you can then scroll back up 2 clicks to “Environments” where you can select one of the 32 different environments (198 total track variations) and by pressing left or right to scroll through them. From there just hit the “X” button to select the desired track setup for the environment you chose.

I spent a while drag racing too because it was the only obvious choice when hopping into Free Play. This is a design flaw IMHO that has and will continue to prevent players from being able to race where and how they want to without a bit of searching.

The problem BoxyYard812381 asked about is another issue completely, but since I and 2 buddies had the same problem, I figured I’d put it this particular solution here for those needing it that stumble into this thread.