Strong-armed into storyline

So the game is gorgeous, no question there. I’m not feeling like doing a bunch of story stuff at the moment. I just want to explore the map and enjoy the scenery. Try out specific races, Super 7, etc. But every single time I try to do any of these things I am confronted with a mission/quest to do something else and it’s killing me. Is it just my luck or are others experiencing this, too? Am I being picky or what?

You are being picky sweet smiles

However… that being said… The ‘stories’ to ‘unlock’ events and stadia are novel, and kinda cool imho :slight_smile:


I guess so, but every time I set a gps route to something I get a notification saying, “you have to go here for this NOW!” I really do love the game, I just don’t want to be told to stop what I’m doing to do something else. Grumpy old lady for sure. :roll_eyes:

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They just talk like that to amp up the excitement. In reality, there is no time limit at all, and you can stop following a storyline at your convenience.

PS when they open up the map and all you to make a choice, you can just hit the back button. That will put you back into freeroam. When you do eventually set your route to your “choice” the same voiceline will play as if you had made the choice right when they presented it to you. Can even deselect it, and reselect it later, and they’ll continue to act like that, regardless of the hours/days/years that have passed in real life.

When you mention taking in the scenery, I imagine it’d be great to have a scenic drive aka relaxation mode where the car drives itself while we take a breather and admire the beauty of virtual Mexico. Hope you get some fun out of the game minus its quirks.

I get pop up messages all the time… to explore this, or head to….
Doesn’t mean I have to lol.
If I was heading to “track name” to race a car I have been tuning then I just go do my thing :man_shrugging:

I’m glad there is a LOT of game to progress through , at ones own pace.

I’m also sitting on 2 unlock points :man_shrugging: I have plenty to do right now so…… when I’m in the mood…. I’ll unlock something new.

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You’re not forced to anything but unlocks are introduced by progression obviously, the narrative and context and life to the environment. It’s nice and try to appreciate.
Also disable all HUD elements, like notifications and world info. Just keep the map and speedometer if you need. You’ll be less bothered and will enjoy the game more.
Enjoy, Thank me later.

I only felt pressured to do things in the very early game. After a couple of Festival unlocks, it felt less like pressure and more like annoying nagging.