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Maybe this have been brought up before, and I apologize if my English isn’t top notch cause I’m Swedish. Anyhow, video games for me is a place where I can relax and take a break from the real world, where I once had control. I’m middle aged and have other things to do but racing games is something I really enjoy and especially Forza Motorsport and the Horizon series. I want – for the long run – unlock most of its content and this is where my problem begins. Some of these or should I say more and more content is locked behind online “efforts”. I don’t like playing online or being dependent on other people when playing, and I just don’t se why they couldn’t make everything available through something else than timed championships and online racing. I think a lot of people agree with me and feel stressed out about it. For example when I was drag stripping for the Hotwheels Rip Rod(which I didn’t win) there was this kid in his microphone, he was so angry and upset about how he just wanted that “damn car” and his language was way beyond invidious. And one more thing, when the game comes to a closure like Horizon 3 just did there is no way to get those cars except maybe for the auction house, just sad.


It’s sort of a choice. You can completely have a relaxing experience and not have to do online garbage, enjoy the tons of cars in game but I feel it’s easy to succumb to a hoarder attitude where you just want all the “exclusive stuff.” I got the rip rod and will never touch it because I don’t care about Hot Wheels cars in a racing game and it handles horribly. But I HAD to have it. That’s when I said enough with trying to hoard things.

Here’s my question. How are you hearing people. Mic is enabled and on, opponent audio is on, before a race all the mic icons are active but I never hear or can talk to anyone. I’m on PC maybe that’s it.

Hoarding is a necessity if you play ranked. If you miss out on cars like the Bone Shaker and the Hoonigan RS200 you’ll never be able to stay competetive, and you can’t know beforehand which is going to be the next OP car so you have to collect them all, just in case.

Okay yeah I forget MP events where you need the items to compete haven’t done them much except the trials required in seasonals.

Oh I’d completely be muting the thing in MP after the novelty wore off. Was just wondering if it was an issue with my system but found a thread it seems to be a cross-platform thing. “Party chat” does work (don’t use it).

I completely get your question. You are dependent on others for exclusive rewards or on timing to get things. I said I try not to collect but I still do. One week there was that red racing suit as a reward for the Mitsubishi seasonal I think. Maybe the black racing helmet for a trial. Something. I was trying to get that thing and actually fell asleep with controller in hands. Woke up past season change was on race 3/3 and had to restart the race to win. Couldn’t win had to quit race to change tunes and season changed on me because I exited race. Was legitimately upset about missing out on a red racing outfit and a black helmet. I guess I like the seasonals because they make me do MP events I otherwise wouldn’t do and use cars I wouldn’t use. I don’t know maybe do like Fortune Island and make wheelspins and credits rewards but then that isn’t as fun. And you mention being online dependent that’s a good point MS servers were down I think last week many people in UK and coasts of the US could not play. And then you got someone who might be buying Horizon 4 two months from now so they just miss out on all of that content? Like you said games are changing, not like the N64 days.

Thing is I don’t put that much time (I guess?..maybe too much tuning) into gaming every week consistently. So was rushing to get what almost seemed like an “assignment” done with that seasonal. And now I just do the seasonals and still have events left in the main map left to do as well as fortune island which haven’t even started (I guess that’s good as the 2/12 update fixes many story UI issues and a pc FI audio issue). So I guess I haven’t been able to stop the hoarding because just finished getting the HW Mustang and Lancia Stratos both I’m not that interested in. Still haven’t driven most cars in autoshow. Just finished Gauntlet. I’ll end up driving the Ferrari F40 the day before Horizon 5 comes out.

I think the way they have made freeroam MP and hourly forzathons are cool. The rest yeah I just want to play my racing game not wait for matchmaking, etc. Yes it’s all psychology people (including me) want to collect, to smash all the boards, get the achievements those are all hits of dopamine. Wheelspins are gambling (hey they are fun).

“earnable via new in-game challenges with no time limit”…yes, do this
I don’t know if the 4th gen Prelude or 300Z are behind a pay wall or will be seasonal rewards but will end up doing whatever is required to get them. The community championships have been nice.

I have no idea regarding the microphone, I don’t have one myself so I haven’t looked into it’s features. It’s like this for me by default on Xbox. There was this drift challenge in Motorsport 7 regarding a Forzathon price and one guy spited out the f-word for like the entire race, kind of retarded if you ask me :laughing:. The thing for me(regarding my question) would be that the cars where there safely in the autoshow in 20 years if I wish to boot up the game and that things wouldn’t require an online connection. I buy the game and I don’t want to be dependent on other people nor a working server. But this is a big question and I guess the world is gong in the other direction eh?


I think it’s one of those crazy things in the world that is hard to change. I think it most likely hurts the game commercially because I’d have thought most people would see the game forcing them to play it as a negative. I bought the game in spite of this type of thing, certainly not because of it. But I can see that they might think a measure of how well received a game is, is how often people play it. So they come up with ways to improve that metric. It’s a bit like how I heard about a software company where they paid testers a bonus for finding bugs, and developers a bonus for fixing bugs. So the two teams just colluded to create and fix large numbers of trivial bugs. Basically, the company is “gaming” its own internal performance metrics, putting things in the game that players will perceive as a negative, but they nonetheless improve metrics that the company interprets as a positive.

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Weird that you would call someone out for saying a word which isn’t necessarily bad(curse words aren’t bad), but are more than happy to use a derogatory word.


Haha, I am weird but this guy was worse. I’ll explaine in more detail then: It was the f-word used in various scentenses wich in this case scenario was very derogatory in terms of how bad he thought the game was. F this [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D], and f this game and he said it in ultra rapid over and over again. And by the time he was drifting the Hoonicorn flawlessly.

I’m not at all happy with the exclusive cars either. Seems like an abusive psychological trap to try to get players to keep coming back and playing long after the game has ceased to really be fun just so they won’t miss out on an exclusive car.

Honestly, I wish the online component of this game was completely optional and was a separate game mode like in FH1. New cars would be added in with patches, and made available to purchase in the autoshow or earnable via new in-game challenges with no time limit.

It’s fine if the devs want to have weekly events where players can earn bonus credits and free cars to give players something new and interesting to do each week, but there should always be a way to obtain all vehicles without have to deal with online and time-limited events or the terrible wheelspin lootbox mechanic.


Spot on! This is how we feel about these things. Short answer but hey, you nailed it.

Matchmaking is very time consuming and frustrating. I was about to win that helmet you mentioned but my Urus fell trough the ground after a jump. I think that was after my 3rd and 1st working matchmaking or so. I went on and did some yoga instead. At least the “Trials” icon is nice to look at but I won’t ever touch that thing again… never.

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The co-op championships can indeed be very frustrating, but as someone who has completed all of them but the first since the game launched (not including Ultimate-only early access), I can say that it just takes persistence. The PVP-based championship for the Rip Rod was by far the most frustrating in my experience, primarily because the event type led to such close races that it more or less came down to luck. I’m not looking forward to seasonal playground events at all.

A playground games event ensures 50% of the players (6 out of 12) WILL win the reward in EVERY event, unless people leave from a winning team. This will by far be the easiest way to obtain a PVP reward. There is 0 chance that no one will win the reward in a given event. Players will ALWAYS win the reward with no worry of a drivatar team winning, resulting in no rewards for players. This will be one of the most easily completed events to date. Here is what I would guess were the odds for each type of event/trial (under typical/average conditions):

Trial vs. Unbeatable Drivatars: 6 player teams winning 1 out of 10 matches vs. unbeatable drivatars = 6 people winning out of 60 people entering = 10% success rate

PVP Rip Rod Event: 1 winner out of 12 players = 8.3% success rate, maybe reduce the success rate to 5% due to people replaying the event to prevent others from winning. This event also almost certainly required you to use a proper tune with manual transmission and traction and stability controls turned off (which many people didn’t even realize) and if you used/followed the tune and guide for the Ford 40 Coupe that was posted on these forums that was a 100% certainty you won the rip rod (it destroyed all the youtuber tunes with ease) Win a Rip Rod - 1940 Ford Coupe (beat those '32 Ford Coupes) - Tuner's Garage - Forza Motorsport Forums

Upcoming Playground Games Seasonals: 6 winners out of 12 players per event = 50% success rate. Now say you factor in some of the top rated playground teams/players replaying to prevent people from winning (similar to what people did in the Rip Rod event), You won’t always face these teams, so it should be negligible on their affect on success rate, but even if you conservatively said they were encountered 1 out of 5 games, you still have an easy success rate of 40%. I would venture to guess you should get the reward by the time you’ve entered the event 5 times, if you can’t win one by then, you may need to look in the mirror for the cause of your team losing and you not having won the reward by that time.


I never got a chance to win the Rip Rod and I dont miss it. I would never drive it anyway but I understand those being upset about that. I tried to get it a few times but I couldnt keep up. Then with the last stream, I think they mentioned it’ll be available again soon. I have a headset and mic but I never use it. Whenever I do hear people talking, I just mute them. I cant have people yapping in my ear when i’m trying to focus

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Yeah no kidding. I just wanted to crack up for 30 minutes then turn it off I think it’s busted for PC. Regarding focus I read somewhere racing games are good for mental health because when in a race you can’t think of other things or let your mind wander otherwise you’re in the weeds…demands 100% attention. Thought I’d throw in my psychology clickbait tidbit. I feel bad for the users with broken MP experiences but I do hope the game keeps it’s single-player standards up.

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Its so funny you say that. Thats exactly what I do when I really need to relax and calm myself. I go take a drive, either friday or saturday night. A 75 mile loop of the highways out here, sometimes even 100 miles and I absolutely feel better when I get back home. If i’m not racing on the game and probably out racing around the city. It allows me to focus on the car and road, everything else doesnt matter

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I hear that! I quit that PvP before I got upset lol. I’d argue the weekly showcase challenges are more fun than the trials. At least you can do those by yourself. The truck events coming up should be interesting

It seems this is the same issue that people have with pretty much every online game. I knownit has been an issue in every game i have played since Star Wars Galaxy (at least all mmo games)
For me, I learned that I am part of the problem with PvP. I can do it, but I am not good so I do not do it anymore (and I apologize to those who’s groups I made worse over the past several months).
If the devs made it so everyone could hoard all vehicles through pve, it would not be fair to then people who enjoy PvP and they would have issues.
I have noticed over the last several weeks that the trial rewards have not been vehicles. Just thought I would point that out.

As for the PvP drag event… a possible solution might have been to award the prize to the top 2 or 3 players?

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I’m not a fan of hiding content behind co-op play but there should be a level of challenge to obtain some content.
Put them in regular seasonal events behind expert drivetars.
It should take more than wrecking and banging to earn certain cars, might even improve online racing by teaching people how to drive.

Here we go again, another exclusive car locked behind sesonal playground games. Sigh…

Edit: well, looks like I’m lucky today, unlocked the Lotus after just 2 matches, finger crossed for others who haven’t got it…I never was able to get the Rip Rod though. Hopefully it becomes avaiable in Forzathon shop eventually. Oh and screw PVP events.

Actually, screw each and every time limited events in the Forza Franchise ever :slight_smile:

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So, for the Lotus, you just have to be on a winning team, you don’t have to be a solo winner?? That’s a relief!