Street Outlaws but With Corners

I don’t know about everyone else, but Drag Racing in a video game is pretty boring, it really isn’t that hard. Not enough turning for me. But I liked the whole idea of grudge racing, and trying to get into a Top 10 list. So, I came up with the idea of Street Outlaws… But With Corners! There would be rules on types of cars to enter to get rid of cars that are a little cheaty, but AWD swaps will be okay, but will be limited on power, RWD will have a higher limit to balance everything properly. I will figure something out. If you may be interested, leave a reply here, and we can all figure something out. I also have a private club set up for only members of this “league”. So, if you may be interested, feel free to show your interest!

I also believe drag racing is extremely boring, I am willing to do this. Is there anyone one else that has already joined in or am I the first one

Yes, you are the first one, but there are now more interested! With all of you guys interested, I can get things going! I will get a list set up, and will be adding all of you on Xbox and eventually to the club after a few races, because I like to drive with someone before I add them to my crew. Feel free to PM me on this website or message me on Xbox, my gamertag is DarkraiSpeed.

Haaalrighty sounds good!!

Also interested.

Interested DBG xbatmanx is my GT

I’m interested. My gamer tag is - robdog1142

I’m interested my gt is bird187g

I’m in too tat2swag is my GT

I am intrested drag raceing is fun but not when evey online lobby u join all they want to do is drag race

I am interested GT huntin81