Streaming Game with OBS

Is there a reason Forza Horizon 4 (first party Microsoft games in general?) are such a pain to stream with third party software? Why is there no true exclusive fullscreen support, so OBS will pick it up like every other game? Why doesn’t it pick up on Window Capture- why does that crash the game if you even try? To attempt to stream Forza Horizon 4 - like you would any other PC game ever made - you have to broadcast your entire monitor display? So it looks like a slideshow? Really?

I know this could be considered a joint issue with both Forza and OBS, but as it stands after doing my best to make it work, I’ve given up on attempting to stream FH4 period. Such a disappointment, as that lowers my desire to play the game in favor of normal ones, and it can’t be good for the game’s exposure in general. Are there any plans to fix this?

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Having exactly the same problems as you, very frustrating and hoping for a fix soon!