Strange disposition

I 've been reading a few days here on the message boards to learn about car tuning. Mainly because I find that cars have massive trouble taking corners. Especially on asphalt. The strange thing I’ve encountered is that most seem to find it absolutely normal that you have to fiddle a lot with the tuning before a car drives somewhat well. My take on driving games is different. I expect the cars to handle properly from the get-go and superbly after tuning. In FH3 however I have the distinct impression that without tuning or upgrading, cars just want to go straight or in large arcs unless you use the handbrake or come to an almost dead stop. Developers, please change it. I don’t like tuning, and I don’t want it. Leave it for games like Project Cars and such. Upgrading is different and makes a visual difference, so that’s OK.

I’ve never done much tuning before this game but after some fiddling around with the settings I’ve found what works and use it as a blue print for most cars off-road and asphalt with a few little tweaks here and there I only use AWD with most power going to the rear wheels if your stuck for tunes check out my storefront in game .

As I see it, taking a corner at 60+ mph should result in crashing into a light pole.
For example, my GT500 GT-R takes a corner at 70 just fine, vs my Focus ST careens into the tree at the same speed, and my FR-S into the same fence backwards.

The cars respond as they should at real-world speeds vs the speeds the game puts them at, in my opinion.

I know exactly what you mean, some cars just start terribly out of balance stock, I found that in previous Forzas cars started off ok, and with a little tuning could be made good. But in FH3 it seems like some cars I need to drastically change everything to make the same cars simply drivable,

Almost all my cars are stock. They seem to handle fine.

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