Strange Controller twitching becomes erratic


My problem is when I use controllers with Forza 7 they work initially but over time (at least 2 races) I start getting twitchy behavior in my vehicle handling. It starts with minor wheel twitches and random break taps, but over time, it degrades to fully erratic behavior with steering swinging to the left, break lock-ups and full throttle, simultaneously and erratically.

I have tried two types of controllers connected via usb, Xbox One and Play Station 3, both have the same exact issue.

Both controller calibrations show all axis are centered and no real deadzone issues.

I have tried the ps3 controller on Project Cars II and it works fine and consistently and the xb1 controller works on my xbox.

Mouse and keyboard work fine on FM7 but when I connect the controller I start seeing the bad behavior and when I disconnect the controller the behavior remains until I restart the game.

I have a Driving Force GT wheel and pedals that I have not tested for a while but it worked before I had my controller as I recall.

Peripherals I have connected to my pc are Logitech bluetooth mouse and keyboard and usually a Saitek flight stick.

I haven’t done major troubleshooting yet, no driver installs/reinstalls, no switching peripherals, no testing usb ports.

I have reinstalled the game twice, once was to fix the controller issue (which obviously remains unresolved) and the second time was to fix the game not launching at all (the game launches fine now).

Thank you for helping.

Windows 10
12gb ram