Storm Island help

i just bought storm island but i cant use it the tab is geryed out just like in the picture i cant gets around it i just spent like $19 Canadian and cant use it

[ this aint my picture just showing what shows up on my account and im not able to access my club either saying its locked i just got the game like 1 day ago and im only like lvl 15 some people say im banned but for what reason i didnt do nothing and how did i get ban only played it for like 2hrs and banned already never played the game on 360 so i just dont understand y i would be plus i didnt get a ban message… and im able to still download designs and share my designs if i was banned i wouldnt be able to do those things

How far have you got in the career? Have you got past the 3rd showcase yet?

no just on the second one i though once u bought it u could access it but i guess not lol so i have to get to showcase 3 before i can unlock it… but can u help me with the club thing i just joined my friends club now its not letting me access it saying its locked

To fully unlock clubs you need to get past the 3rd showcase, that’s when you can pretty much unlock everything there is to do in the game. Just keep playing and everything should then not be unlocked to use

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You must first complete the required first three locations (one road trip) before the entire game is unlocked - think of it as a tutorial.

During this, it introduces you to various things but then, oddly, does not let you use them again until you complete the tutorial. Before you can use storm island however, you must physically travel to the launch point in Nice-Massena and start it through there for the very first time (I think).

Ok thanks for the help guys… storm island is sick but it is a small map took me 35mins to find all the 50/50 roads and xp boards lol

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Small map, and lots of races take the same roads but there is plenty of racing to do.