I am level 250 and I’ve completed the ELITE FORZA CUP. I don’t know how I’ve beaten the game and not gotten the storm chaser achievement… please update my gamer score and also my rewards tier to 11. I have been getting only 350,000 when I should get 425,000 for a few months now.

Seriously nobody else has this problem?? It shows 94% of gamers have unlocked it!

Somebody/anybody? The Storm Chaser achievement won’t pop

I’ve had this problem since early access. No matter what it hasn’t unlocked.

I got it on day 1 after the first 3 races when the game started.

If I didn’t get it I’d risk deleting my local save and start again offline and see if it pops. If it did I’d delete my local save again, go online and let my cloud save sync and carry on from there.

When the game first launches, you can do the 3 races, or go on to the menus and do Freeplay. I’ve done both way on a couple of accounts, it’s always unlocked during the demo races, whether I do them first or not.

I guess i’m not getting what you are saying. How do you recreate these exact races in freeplay? They have intros and the rain weather isn’t even the same in freeplay as that race is. Also I’ve done that fix where you delete your local save and go offline about 3 times and nothing happens. It’s driving me nuts.

I was just saying you can skip the intro when you first launch the game and go straight to the menus. Can browse all menus, play Freeplay, multiplayer, etc.

When you go to the cup, for the first time, the intro will start. And if you get to the intro this way, or the ‘noemal’ it still popped that achievement for me. By normal I mean starting game for first time and not skipping intro to head straight to menus.

None the less, isn’t it only requiring a dry race and wet race? Have you hit the guide button while I’m game, go to achievements, then select fm7 to bring up your achievements? I’ve had it pop achievements doing it that way.

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Ive just did this today with a new profile
Popped immediately after doing the 3 races that were in the demo…the ones at the very start of the drivers cup