Stop duplicate cosmetic items!

For the love of god! How is this even an issue? Did no one seriously sit down and not think to them selves “hmmm getting a third yellow turtleneck is the equivalent of getting nothing and a literal waste of a wheelspin”

If its a dupiclate at the very least have it convert to 5,000 Cr. I earn those damn wheelspins and they are wasted on something that gives me nothing. This is absolute BS!


I agree, even the 2,000 credits spins in FH3, while annoying, were still SOMETHING at least. A stupid hat that I won’t even wear is useless, especially if it’s a duplicate, then it’s a complete waste.


To be fair the whole cosmetic item thing is just plain stupid. This is a car game, not a fashion contest. If they wanted to have stupid cosmetic items they should have had things like fluffy dice to hang off your mirror, or spinner mags. Cosmetic items for your car… because lets be honest, the bodykit and whell choices are getting pretty stale now. They havent changed for 6 years.

Emotes and crap like that, thats Fortnite nonsense. I am getting items for a character that I rarely see and for about 10 seconds at best, each time I do see it.

Its even worse when you get a Super WheelSpin and 2/3 of the items are bloody cosmetics!!

Cosmetic items in a car game are stupid. Duplicates of those cosmetic items are just down right insulting and make me question why I even play.


You cannot obtain duplicate cosmetic items.


True, you cant obtain them but you can certainly have them roll again on a wheelspin which literally means your wheelspin was wasted. Please, don’t chime in unless you know what youre saying.

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I do know what I’m saying, I have every cosmetic item available from the wheel, which means I don’t see them anymore. You CANNOT roll duplicate clothes/emotes from the wheelspin.


Similar here, I’m over level 200 and have most items besides some moist aches and a few tops, I never see any clothes in the wheels that aren’t in those items. Maybe xBox side has a bug where they get dupes?

I know for a fact I’ve rolled in the pink motocross helmet twice, blue shorts or pink shoes I wouldn’t remember but the helmet being the only item I actually equipped means I noticed when I rolled it a second time.

Maybe you have not seen it, but it happens. I’m out of town, when I get back I will document it.

If you have every single: cosmetic, horn, emote, and phrase, I am impressed. How many wheelspins do you think it took to reach that?

You don’t keep them. But I have absolutely seen them appear on the ‘win line’ for many of my 1000+ wheel spins.

Yes, over 1000. Not even counting the supers. There are some (totally legit) ways to rack up spins. Level 400+ and 500+ vehicles helps!

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I’ve had several. Horns too.


You can
I’ve had plenty

With the ridiculous amount of spins i dont know why people complain anyway

Out of almost 300 cars ive bought less than 10

I have had the gold hat, singlet top and retro rally shirt turn up a couple of times in the first week.

Stopping duplicate cosmetics would help, but won’t solve this games economy problem. It’ll still take until level 600 to get enough wheelspins to get every cosmetic

The primary source of wealth in this game is wheelspins. This is a stark contrast from previous entries where race performance was the primary source of income. And they increase the demand for wheelspins by using cosmetics to lower our odds of getting something we want.

This pushes players to find alternate ways of I earning income outside of the core game. This is why people are farming mixer influence, and cars with wheelspins in the skill tree. Why should we have to farm to get cars in a car game? It’s silly.

We bought this game to drive cars, but PG thinks they can get people to play more by giving us less access to cars… Its so backwards. the only real solution is to take cosmetics out of Wheelspins (sell them in a store). And base the economy around race earnings


Sadly it takes much more than 600. I’m currently around 1100 wheel spins and I still have about a hundred Cosmetics to go. That’s not even counting the super wheelspins which I am somewhere around a hundred.

And with the fact that they repeat it really doesn’t matter. Although I would say it seems like the repeats happen less often once you have quite a few of them., you seem to see less of them. I get cars and cash considerably more than I did in my early spins. So if you put your time in you do get better payoffs as time goes on. However a bunch of those cars are now becoming duplicates and they are common garbage cars that don’t sell on the auction house so I have to simply delete them.

Its such a broken system it definitely needs to be fixed. We should absolutely not be getting duplicate cosmetics. And duplicate cars, at least the common green class, should be able to be sold back. The developers say this would cause a problem with the economy. But selling back a $5,000 car is not going to hurt anything at this point.

Very well stated!

I recall someone saying duplicate cars wouldn’t go in garage unless Fe cars. But I’ve had several, still have them.

What would be duplicate cosmetic items seem to be replaced with the garbage CR rolls. The more cosmetics I get the more of those awful CR awards appear on the wheel. I’ve never seen a duplicate horn/clothing appear. Indeed, now that I have almost all the horns, I rarely see any of those at all.

Duplicate cars show up all the time, though. And they usually don’t sell in the Auction, which makes them the worst roll of all.

I’ve had many wheelspins (I’m level 2*21, all through legit grinding). I have had all the horns and emotes for well over a week, and have never rolled one since then. As I’m a completist, I also have a checklist of every cosmetic item. I have not had a single duplicate, and I only have about 20 clothing items left to get. I’ve had many duplicate cars, but not once have I had a duplicate cosmetic item. There are many items which have very similar names; indeed, there are a few items where there are two different items with the same name, although they look slightly different. But i have had zero cosmetic duplicates.


Stop spreading nonsense, there are no duplicate horns, no duplicate emotes, no duplicate clothing. Yes, they still show up in the spinning wheels, but you can’t actually win them. The only thing you can earn duplicates of is cars. But that only really starts when you have 350 of them in your garage, at around 400 cars you earn a duplicate for every new car you get. Source: Myself, level 370 and after more than 700 wheelspins.

What confuses some people is that a lot of items have similar names.