Stop allowing underleveled cars in the Trial

There’s no reason we should have to continually lose because 3-4 players in the lobby have stock cars. Make it required to have the car maxed, or at least within 5 points.

It’s getting ridiculous.


Was doing winter trial in stock… only the 2 ppl in b700 cars messed up…
Drivatars use lower pi’s too so whats the problem


Exactly, the Drivatars match (close) the PI of the players, so that isn’t really the issue.


They don’t always match perfectly because it’s based on averages.

Unbeatable AI already can speed through corners at impossible speeds and have unlimited grip and zero speed loss, even in the grass. Factor in lower PI, and it’s a wipe. Every singe Trial I run always has the people running stock PIs at the back of the pack.

Sure, some with maxed lose too, but the pattern is weighted to the former.

Play any other game high tier content any they require you to be a certain level. This should not be any different. They’re trying to get backpacked and it’s getting old.

Them being at the back of the pack has little to do with them being lower PI and more to do with their skill. If they can’t beat the Drivatar that’s at their PI (which is NOT based on averages), they’re probably not going to do any better at the top of the PI range.


I would imagine not being prepared for the race in the first place is a big part of what I’m taking about and like I said, it’s not always distributed evenly anyway.

I’ve yet to be in a Trial where each player was not evenly matched (within a couple of points) with an AI racer. And, even if each person in the trial was using a car that was fully upgraded, there is no guarantee that the upgrade chosen would be an appropriate one for a given race. (IE, fully maxed PI, but for drifting probably wouldn’t be a good choice for cross country, yet would satisfy your request, but with no positive effect on the outcome of the race). The Trial is what it is and no amount of changes to the rules will make everyone on your team as good as you are.

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I enjoy racing stock and still beating everyone :grin:


I normally just use the rental car and have no issue beating any Drivatars in a vehicle of similar PI value.

The challenge for me is trying to catch the Drivatars in class-optimised vehicles.

I have no issues per se with people in untuned cars as long as they can do well against their matched AI. The issue is that 95% of the time, people in untuned cars have them untuned because they are not skilled enough to understand what it takes to win the Trial.

An added perk to people in untuned cars is, if they give up and quit, the team of tuned cars doesn’t have to beat a full AI team of tuned cars. In one of my attempts today, both untuned people dropped out by the middle of the second race which meant the rest of us had an easier time and easily won.


People should concentrate on their own gameplay tactics, and they will win 90% of the time just doing that.

I wouldn’t say 90% of the time. It still takes having a few reasonably capable teammates and not one of the AI teams where they just runaway and are uncatchable except by the elite among us. Thankfully the AI has been better for the most part the past few seasons.

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I think it’s fairly simple. If you believe other players are not performing well then do something about it. Take the lead and block the AI and let your struggling team mates pass. Continue to block the AI until the gap between them and your team is substantial. If you’re unable to take the lead then who are you to say others are bad :sweat_smile:


I was basing it on 4 years play where my team wins 90% of the time. So a real survey.

All well in good in theory. An example of why that is just not always possible. In one Trial last week I was in 3rd and blocking AI. Two guys had no hope of catching up even if we put a police boot on the AI’s tires. And at about the 90% mark as I was blocking so two others could catch up and pass, one of my teammates hit me into the wall unnecessarily as he passed which caused me to lose almost all forward momentum and go into a skid allowing 3 AI to pass me and I didn’t have enough race left to catch up.

But even if that player wasn’t in a low PI car (I don’t remember), a low PI car in the hands of an unskilled driver combined with either impossible AI or destructive teammates means you may lose no matter how well you do your part.

And unless you have the actual stats that you used to calculate the 90%, it is a guesstimate. And you are a better than average (this is an extreme understatement) racer. To take your experience and apply it to everyone else is not valid. You might win 90% of the time, but most people playing would be happy to have a 50% success rate based on their own driving ability. A “real survey” would take into account a reasonable sample size of OTHER RANDOM players at various driving abilities and would then not be too definitive unless you actually included verifiable win/attempt statistics.


My survey is a team survey that we win 90% of the time, based on any player in the world.

And still not a valid way to say that other people would have similar results. Take a statistics course on the collegiate level or study a field where you have to create, implement and actual research and you learn what makes a valid survey or study and how you can apply it. My psych or biology professors in my undergrad studies would never have approved such a survey and conclusions.


Well 90% is actually easy to remember, you just win almost every week which we do. So it’s simple.

But still not a valid thing to apply to other players, even if your recollections and estimations (not even close to being statistically valid), are reasonably accurate.

You also mention a team. That implies that you are racing with known teammates. Assuming the rest of them aren’t horrible drivers, you would tend to naturally do better as you know how to work as a team. Playing with random people doesn’t give you that synergy and ability to naturally work off of each other. With random people, there is no way to tell them that you are slowing down the AI so they can catch up if they just drive cleanly. (At least I haven’t seen that as a Forza Link phrase) So a teammate in an untuned car (or even a tuned one) might continue to drive in a way that they couldn’t catch up with the slowest Sunday driver.


I’m talking about the Trial, which is in the thread title. I don’t know if you can pick a team, I never have.