Stop adding race cars, start adding race bodykits

Customization has long been an issue for the Forza Horizon games. Most cars are given no other customization outside of the hideous Forza Aero kit.

Another issue, albeit a much lesser one, is them adding race and pre-tuned project cars to the game. These don’t fit with Horizon’s open world and street-focused style.

However, I think there’s a proper solution that remedies both of these issues with the game, and quite well. Let’s take the Formula Drift MKIV Supra for example. This car, in it’s current form, does not exactly belong in the game.

But, it’s also a virtual video game model, whose digital assets can be disassembled and reconfigured in any way. What’s keeping PGG from re-fashioning the the car into a sweet widebody kit for the standard Supra in the game? What if the FD Supra’s interior would replace the stock one when used for the Race Weight Reduction upgrades?

TL:DR- Stop adding race cars, and refashion the pre-existing ones into customization parts and widebody kits for their stock counterparts.

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