Stone Cold Skiller not unlocking

Having just won another championship, I was having a celebratory hoon around a vineyard, when I won my 65th skill point. I went to spend it (and found I actually had 4 skill points saved up), and subsequently purchased the last 2 perks I needed.

However, the achievement “Stone Cold Skiller” (earn 65 skill points) did not pop. Checking the achievements app, it is stuck at 98%.

I have tried a few things; I kept earning skill score, a couple of hundred thousand in fact, with no luck. Checked my in-game stats, sure enough it says I have earned 65. I did the road trip to the next location, maybe it needed a “Save point” or something to pop, no luck.

I manually quit the game from the dash, rebooted it. No dice. Power cycled my console. Ditto. Still no achievement, still stuck at 98%.

The only thing to note is that the previous two achievements I earned (restore 10 barn finds and own 50 cars), popped but without notification. Oh, and my barn finds panel in the menu still has a “New” icon on it, even though I have accepted, upgraded, and extensively driven all 10 cars. So, a few weird things happening here.

I know a few people have had this 98% progress problem but so far have met with no reply. Help please!

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Same here it’s extremely frustrating because I need 4 more points until tier 7.

The NEW Barn fInds thing is a glitch and may or may not go away. Mine still pops up 9 out of every 10 times I see that in the garage.

Try hard resetting your console again. When you return to FH2, boot up the game, and try going into an Online session, play a bit, and return to Solo. This may help the game communicate with the servers.

Also, note that the achievement says “Earn 65 Skill Points” but what you must really do is unlock all perks to make the achievement pop. It’s slightly mislabeled.

My achievement flagged up before I had unlocked all the perks.

Thanks but I’ve tried all of that.

Actually I have popped three achievements since reaching 65 skill points; Purple Wristband, Horizon Champion and Super Meet Boy. So I know the game has communicated with the achievement servers.

No, this is an issue that is going to need a patch I think. The game has miscounted how many skill points I have earned and it needs to take another look.

I just wish a dev or some kind of representative of Playground or Turn 10 would acknowledge this is an issue and say it’s being looked into. Right now it feels like no-one cares and I’ll be stuck with this forever. Things like this take the shine off an otherwise awesome game. Not what I need when I am about to write a review.

Mine’s currently stuck at 96%. I’ve earned 65 skill points and unlocked all perks. Tried rebooting and going online but still nothing.

I also tried rebooting console, deleting all local saves, rebooting again (it does this automatically), reloading the game, and waiting an age for it to sync my save from the cloud. It took about half an hour, but once I was back in the game, there was no change. Still have all 65 perks, the stats say the same, but the achievement is still stuck at 98%.

Sorry to be OT, but how did you find a tune to buy at a Car Meet. That’s proving quite challenging for me. I’ve only found two and both of those it kept failing to download.

I am the same as PPiDrive as I always get the message tune unavailable from the car meets. If anyone finds out how to download one please post it so we all can get the achievement

I had the exact same problem. It was the only thing stopping me getting the Super Meet Boy achievement.

I found that 9 times out of 10, no tune was available, and on that tenth one, it would “Fail to download”.

Basically, I kept trying. I tried downloading maybe 15 or 20 tunes. Finally, one worked. It takes you to a screen like something from the upgrade garage. You confirm you want to buy the parts and there you go. So just keep at it.

I think it may have to be for a model you own (For me, it was a Lamborghini Miura).

Guys, I went to sleep for a few hours, and when I awoke, I found the pesky Skiller achievement had magically popped in the night!

Much the same thing happened with Pinball FX 2. Something weird about the way Xbox One achievements and their cloudy nature work that makes them sometimes pop a day or two late.

Oh well. I don’t care why, but it’s fixed for me now and the gloom that was hanging over this game for me has now lifted.

I encourage anyone still affected to keep checking your achievements, I’m sure it will pop for you too if you are patient!

Can you fix this for me and any one else experiencing achievement problems, so frustrating.

Thanks in advance I may not be back here

Has there been any word on this? I too have all the Perks but the Achievement is stuck. What’s more maddening is that on my Forza Rewards page it actually registers that I have 25 of 25 Perks.

Same here guys ! :confused:

This is a frequent xbox live issue. You need to be online and xbox live working perfectly for achievements to pop.

The usual issue with this is whenever there is a service alert listed here that mentions anything about gaming or social then achievement issues can arise.

What then may happen is in game it appears you have fulfilled the achievement, sometimes your achievement tracker may say 100% sometimes not. If this issue arises and is due to xbox live issues the achievement often pops up to 48 hours later. Just be patient and do not take any abnormal steps to get the achievement.

It’s frustrating to have all the skill points and not see this achievement pop, yet I have now gotten the achievements “Horizon Fan” and “Gold Wristband.” It’s like if it works for other achievements why not this one?

That’s all well and good, except that I finished up my perks several days ago, and have earned half a dozen other Horizon 2 achievements since then.

me too

actually when i earned my 65th point ,the achievement did not require me to spend said point on a perk

Last week I got the last skillpoint and unlocked the last perk, but the achievement did not unlock and the progressbar is still reflecting the 64 points percentage.
I know achievement unlocks can sometimes lag behind, but even MS says it should unlock within 24 hours.

Forza rewards is correctly showing that I have all perks.

Can confirm his cheevo not unlocking; part of my crew and been “complaining” about it for a week now.

Hopefully gets fixed.