Stock stripes / livery gone in vinyl editor. Any way 2 keep w/ custom vinyls?

Take the '67 Corvette stinger hood for example.

I chose Silver paint w/ a black stinger. As soon as I open that car in the vinyl editor it all blanks out and it’s just silver paint. The black STOCK FACTORY stinger hood vinyl is gone.
Is there any way to keep that stock factory stinger stripe/vinyl and still add my own vinyl to my car?

For example. I made a really realistic personalized license plate. But I can’t have both the plate and the stock factory stinger at the same time. Unless I want to spend forever recreating the stinger hood from scratch. arrrgh…

If there is a way to do this? I would love to know. Thanks in advance.

Have you tried searching for a vinyl of it that someone has already done?

Yeah but if I use that (if it exists) the whole car design will be locked. It’s not like the old Forza’s where you could edit other peoples artwork for fun.

There’s no way to keep it unfortunately, it’s really annoying. Really stock vinyls should only disappear if you change to a non manufacturer paint.

My thoughts exactly. They should be there in the slots to erase if we so chose. Makes no sense at all.
I have loved the '67 stinger hood since I was a kid way back in the day. I’m old. lol