Stock cars on multiplayer?

Im tired of playing against ppl who tune their cars to maximum acceleration and nothing more.
Is there a way to everybody play with original cars?


I agree, i want racing challenges only with stock cars like it was in TDU. Now I’m searching for some topics in this forum in hope to find info about it.

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Afraid not.


yeah, I agree, ranked should ban tunes. I’m a solid driver but an “ok” tuner, I’m literally stuck in 4th place AT BEST in these online races.

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With respect, if you are never finishing above 4th then you have a lot of room for improvement as a driver. You don’t have to be a good tuner yourself either, you can use someone else’s tune.

While nobody is going to win all the time, you should be getting the occasional win and regular podiums in ranked if you consider yourself a competitive driver. What settings / assists are you using? Are you sure you’re using competitive cars?

Even if everyone were in stock cars, even if everyone were in the SAME stock car, you would still be beaten by better drivers, who may launch better, change gear better, carry more speed through corners than you and so on. What would you have the game do then to make it easier for you to win?


I massively disagree. Being able to tune cars and get the most out of them is what FH4 and Motorsport is about.

To say people just tune their cars for acceleration and nothing else is poppycock. A lot more goes into it than that.

Anyway, how would you know what exactly a person has done in their tune. You cannot see what their spring, diff, gear ratio, tire pressue etc is so i’m somewhat amused that you claim to know what anothers tune consists of.

In my opinion, if you want to race stock cars, then organise a meet with other like minded players and race stock.

Also you might want to get an understanding of when a tune needs acceleration and when it needs speed, there are tracks/circuits that seriously need one or the other tune or else you don’t stand a chance (competitive wise).

Would be nice though if PPG could add the option for “Stock Only” cars in Blueprints custom creations, would probably be appreciated by players like yourselves.


Some are playing only with stock engine, allowing themselves to change everything else, some playing only on RWD (RWD club ) , Myself I do not use Nova FE or daytona just like I was not using BS and TT.

World, even digital like FH, is not going to go “Amish” (conservative meaning, no blame/negative ) mode because of the will of few, only happens when it’s will of most. If you wish to play that way, I join Rex feedback, try to find a club with that spirit or create one.

Nevertheless, I would not be surprised that tuning is gone from FH5, Eliminator is paving the way to that…


GT Sport’s ranked multiplayer is almost entirely cars in stock form. So I don’t know which of PD and PG is most accurately assessing the will of most people, but they can’t both be right.

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Fair question!

Ultimately if your looking for a group to play stock car racing there’s plenty of LFG’s, the game is about tuning and getting the most out of your car. The fun for most is building a car to be your own and tweaking it to become your car. If you want my advice spend a lot of time watching tips etc on tuning and building cars and eventually you’ll start getting the hang of it as it can become extremely fun and satisfying.
Alternatively go play the Motorsport series, in there it’s a lot more common to have races with stock cars. just something to consider :slight_smile:

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The most fun lobbies for me in the Motorsport series always were lower class lobbies like D and C class and cycled production. In Forza once you put all the race parts on a car it handles like every other car with race parts. The first thing anyone does in Horizon to be “competitive”? AWD swap. Then? Engine swap (Ferrari v12 in your Ford Fiesta? Sure! That’ll fit between the strut towers no problem, and we can definitely fit a front diff and transaxle in there too!)

In my opinion the personality and uniqueness of cars in Forza games is found when they are not upgraded and tuned. Try driving the two Renault Alpine cars (old and new) bone stock and see how fun they are to throw around corners. They aren’t fast but they are very fun to drive.

I would also like the option to race cycled production in Forza Horizon.

And to answer an earlier post tuning was not even a feature in the original Forza Horizon. So no I don’t believe it is a core feature to the game I believe it is a piece of a much larger franchise.

I don’t like building every car I have to go 240mph in twenty seconds. I prefer to drive them in their truest forms. Which for me is stock or very close to stock.


Adding to what you said, I’ve had many cars where the Race parts ruined their handling and required further tuning to address the newly introduced issues.

Tunes in Forza when going for minmaxing are all standardized. Calculators for example always spit out same numbers for much different cars. Tuners usually have templates they follow for every car in the game and they tune in ways that would never be competitive IRL. At this point in Horizon the tuning menu is just a glorified NFS slider.

In Xbox One generation, T10 changed it so engines are unbranded and every car could have drivetrain conversions. The sheer freedom has further brought the cars together and made the game more arcade. Currently, what determines car ability is starting PI (as low as possible within a certain class) and parts availability, as AWD and aero will solve all your grip issues.

Since S2 class is way too extreme, the game could benefit from the ability to set further restrictions in events. Ability to limit cars to stock, either all the way or only when it comes to engine/drivetrain/forced induction conversions, would add much variety to races.

Playground had a Trial with stock Caterhams and it was one of the best events they did. Only thing that ruined it were those people who hack in different cars into such an event.

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PD are actually collecting data on the subject, in that there are always two time trial events running, one stock, and one where tuning is permitted. They’re listed here, so the numbers for each can be seen. The numbers for both are fairly low, as there’s no reason to take part in them, so I’ve never done any of them.

Looking at the numbers, obviously it depends on the car for each event, but in each case the first is the number who did the stock event, the second is the number who did the tuning event, in thousands.

16.6, 9.0
12.1, 13.8
13.4, 12.7
22.3, 6.4
7.7, 23.8
11.7, 10.6
5.5, 13.2
21.0, 9.7
16.1, 8.7
15.3, 25.6
12.9, 11.9

154.6, 145.4

Not much in it, really, people are probably mainly choosing whether or not to do them based on whether or not they like the track and car combination. People tend to publish tuning settings, too, so many people will just use some published settings rather than tuning the car themselves.

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Turn 10 takes great pains to represent a car faithfully and accurately. I own a 1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer, a 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass (very similar to 70 Chevelle in game minus the big block), and a 1980 Fiat Spider in real life. I can personally attest that those three cars in stock form handle marvelously similarly to my real life cars, albeit more reliably. But the Jeep grand wagoneer will never, never handle well in real life. However in Forza it becomes a leaderboard handling car (not featured yet in Forza horizon). The Jeep has four wheel leaf springs and solid axles front and rear, it weighs nearly two and a half tons and has a low range three speed automatic with no overdrive. Not a recipe for high speed cornering. I prefer cars stock because turn 10 takes the time to make them feel unique and true to their real life peculiarities.


Where we are at IMO is that Horizon 4 is almost like two different games what comes to single- and multiplayer content, having same world map and routes in common.

In single player new physics of FH4 makes it the best Horizon ever, one of the greatest car games ever, especially delicious to us who like to drive them stock for discovery, learn about the cars. We can really feel differences when taking different cars on road. Old stock car legend behaves like one in the past, we can try out different cars from the 80’s, Honda, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini… all trying to solve the same problem, with quite different methods and experience practical effects of these different approaches in game. We can take some old Drift legend and understand where that reputation came just by trying it in game and so on. It’s outstanding achievement and aspect that even still keeps me sometimes coming back to this game.

What comes to multiplayer, tuning aspect is important there. We don’t have only the best drivers but also best tuners in there as both are important aspects. I do count Rivals as multiplayer event even we race just against ghosts of other players. PvP is important feature with its own audience and sometimes it’s fun to see what’s happening in there but practically requires learning whole new skillset which then leads to opposite gaming experience, we can get fast but it’s not necessarily fun. Spent hours in meta-game, or trying tunes which makes cars we love something we hate LOL. Then we need to do this with several cars in classes, with different cars for event types. It starts to become huge time investment.

And IMO it’s like that by design. More convoluted the process is, more time it requires to master (Freeroam Rush), more Xbox Gold is sold to competitive console audience. While there aren’t microtransactions in game, that doesn’t mean there isn’t monetisation mechanics. Playlist with its rewards is one, multiplayer, especially leagues is one.

So to get single- and multiplayer aspects have better synergy it comes down to selling the idea on monetisation strategy first before any tactical (game features) moves could be really discussed.

In general, pitfalls in context of Horizon, IMO are that FM7 like homogulation that puts cars in similar performance bracket but in the process making most cars feel quite similar, which some players didn’t like, but which was response to feedback from FM6 where lot of cars weren’t really competitive with each others even when homogulated. So Turn 10 faced “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation. Neither works well with what players expect from Horizon which is fun and whole franchise success is based on it being sort of antithesis to serious sims. It could be perhaps argued that in FH4 multiplayer doesn’t follow that successful recipe anymore.

I think this is important topic and was glad to read what was said but I also find this a very difficult topic.

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Is there a way to everybody play with original cars?

Yes. Make a club, recruit from here or on Reddit. Make your own events (though they could really add some more ways to restrict things there) etc.There ya go.