Stock Cars in Rival Challenge have Cold Tire PSI of 30


I was trying the Rival Challenges and found out that if the challenge required the use of a Stock, cars (a requirement at times for Rivals) have a PSI of 30 (29.9 to be exact).
After about a lap the car handling is very unpredictable with PSI 34- 35. It’s like you have to learn the unpredictable nature of the car when cornering.

I thought that psi when cold was between 28-29. When tires are warmed up PSI is optimal for handling between 32-33. I can certainly lower the PSI and get better handling but that’s not allowed in Rivals.

Right now there is a Rival Challenge Called “Renaissance in Reverse & Creeper Chase” using the Maserati MC12. That car uses 30 PSI at the start of the race. Could you check to see if that’s the same for you or not?

Makes sense given that the default PSI in the tuning menu is always 30.

Yeah, I’m noticing the unpredictable cornering/braking after about 1 lap. I wonder how people are compensating for it for lower lap times…

I don’t usually notice it, but that Maserati on that track did seem to get a bit bouncier by lap 3. However, it was at that point I put in my best times, too.

I would expect 36 lbs hot after 4 or so laps. Anything less will not get greasy enough with respect to slip angle. This is just an opinion.