Still waiting on loyalty cars

Have they been cancelled or something? Tickets get closed immediately about it, just saying there is an issue with one of the cars which will be out later.

I have the same problem, still waiting for the Mclaren P1. Tickets are immediately “solved” :roll_eyes:
They removed the working Forza Hub for loyal players for something else that dont work :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Its in line with the rest of their game, nothing works properly.

They already said that the issue with the loyalty cars will be fixed in the new year. That’s why tickets are getting closed immediately. There’s zero reason to leave those tickets open, and clogging up an already barely functional system.

It’s in the known issues list. I don’t see where it says it will be fixed in the new year. There’s still a known issues list for fh4 and they stopped adding content to that game quite a while ago so those issues have been there a while.

Just because something’s in the list doesn’t mean it will ever be fixed.

The P1 is for FM5 and known issues says “fixed” > Loyalty Rewards - Loyalty reward not given for players who have played FM5 (Date Added:11.17.21)
but thought max “fixed” it later here Still missing the P1 - FH5 Player-to-Player Support - Forza Motorsport Forums

I fixed it by logging into my son’s xbox one.