Still not working

I’ve been trying to play forza for the last 4 days, its not synchronizing my saved data i have no idea what to do

What do you mean? Do you see the progress on your screen or not? If you see it and you’re “stuck” at a percentage, let it finish. It can take hours…
If you don’t let it finish you will lose some or all of your data. Like it happened to me with Forza 5 a few months ago.

Sorry to hear, happens far too often. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do except re-trying to sync until it finally completes. Unless you’re willing to throw away all your progress?

It just sits on synchronizing bit before you actually get into the main menu. Id say I’ve probably lost it all because it just sits on it

How long did you wait? If it was less than hours you didn’t wait long enough.

Hours dude, so because i have ultimate edition if i start over does that mean i lose vip and that?

VIP is connected to your main account, you won’t lose that.

Sweet it ended up starting to sync its just stuck on 99 percent hah

It worked this time but also gave me loyalty rewards again LOL?