Still no sign of the '97 Civic Forza Edition for me

I understand that the 1997 Honda Civic Forza Edition is obtainable through driver level rewards, yet weeks have gone by and I haven’t come across the car once. Is there a different way to obtain this car? It seems somewhat unfair and random to me that it pops up for others through driver level rewards.

I think there was a Rival event (recently ended or perhaps ending soon?) that gave it as an award…

Yep it was
Not sure if it has ended but the rewards are still to be sent

Have seen it come up once as a level reward but stupid collector score went up and i lost it

That’s a bummer!

Thanks for the update. I believe I did that Rivals event, so excited to see it in my list of gifts soon.

must have missed this one seen the car but never noticed it as a reaward anywere as its a locked car will probly come back again in an event i hope its a klass looking car with that body kit on it

Has anyone recieved the honda yet? I did participate in the rivals event and i havent recieved it yet

Be patient, I had to level up like 35 times before it popped up for me. I also decided to start taking the car offered on level up, even if I didn’t want it. I was seeing the same cars for the last few weeks and was taking the mod packs. Started taking the cars and like 8 or so level ups later it showed up.

I have noticed this as well. The game seems to glitch out and rotate the same cars over and over. I found by either buying the offered car or skipping/saving the level-up rewards for later fixes the problem.

You should have it by now in your inbox. They started gifting it about 20 minutes ago.

You want one ? Got two of them, and as they’re fugly I couldn’t care less about them

I’ve got every available purchasable car in my garage, plus some of the locked ones through comps & gifts whatever. Each time they’ve added a car to the game as a level up - the Porsche & this Civic - next level up after they added them - pop there they were.

In previous Forza’s I only bothered picking up cars that I had paints for or tunes for. This game definitely seems to be set up around owning at least one of everything, to get the most out of it. It’s paid off for the weekly HLC’s as I always have a variety of cars to run, whatever car combo they are using.

I did the rivals event yesterday and finished in the top 37%,got the Civic as a reward question is the Monte Carlo seeing tons in the auctions now but I cannot get one to drop.anyone know where this will drop from?my car collection is level 33 and my milestone rewards are level 210,still nothing.

The Monte Carlo FE dropped early on for several people, but I don’t know that’s it’s still in the level up rewards. It was also a prize in something, I ended up with two, after already having the level up car. It’s a t u r d, I sold one of them.

Right on.just trying to complete collection,really any Forza edition drops would be great.i can’t remember getting one for leveling since around level 20 or so

Which event gets you the civic ??

It was a rivals event that went for almost the whole month of May
It’s ended now

They never sent them until after the event ended
But they also appear in level ups

Had the car gifted to me tonight; I’m guessing due to the Rivals challenge. So it should start appearing for others as well.

I don’t get this distribution scheme of T10, i just got yesterday my 2nd '97 Civic FE. I know i got the 1st from that rival but this second is a mystery. Gonna be up for sale in next 10mins or less. Max price is roughly 60k.

Search auctions.
Make: Honda
Advanced: Forza edition

The first day it was available to get through rewards, I got it. Now I have two of them because I got another one from the Civic '18 rivals event. Wish I could sell the spare car on the AH for more than 100k though.