Still No Patch, Issues Persist

Been a while now since we got some kind of game patch. Crashed today a couple time during open drifting and this happens all the time. Leader boards also need to be wiped, but that never happened in FH4 so don’t expect much here either.

Many people just returned back from the Xmas break yesterday and many others are still on holiday. I wouldn’t expect any minor bug fixes for at least 2 weeks.

I’m actually starting to feel sorry for Max.

It’s been said several times over “The team is back from holidays and are busy at work, trying to fix the issues.” I’m thinking sometime into next week or end of this week, we will see an update pushed out. :crossed_fingers:

As for the leaderboards, I’m actually getting fed up with this. It takes seconds to wipe a database (which the leaderboards are), yet here we are still unable to compete with others due to cheaters or an issue they themselves caused by nerfing the drift zone scoring. I’ve gave up with drifting at present and find myself creating new races or buy/selling cars in the AH (something I was never interested in previous games.).

Here’s hoping the wait for leaderboards is because they are collecting or investigating the glitched / cheated scores and who to ban before wiping them.


Why feel sorry for Max? He’s responsible for the forums and not the game. No one blames him for anything and imo he does a good job at moderating threads.


Imagine having to read the same thing over and over again and try organising every post which contains basically the same thing. I don’t know how he keeps his cool.

Such is your misunderstanding, I’m not blaming him for the game. Now imagine if he picked a quote up wrong like you just did and the 4 people who liked your post. Hopefully you now see why I said “I feel sorry for him”.’?

It wasn’t an attack on him, sorry if anyone thought that.

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I took it the way it was intended. It’s a hard position to be in, having to listen to dozens of complaints daily and being unable to do anything about them. I wouldn’t be able to do it.


Thanks for posting this. I felt kind of bad thinking people had picked me up wrong. I’d never attack Max his dedication is second to none.

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The patch will probably line up with the monthly season change.