Still no fix for Fanatec wheel on PC, are you kidding me?!?

Unless I missed something, I looked carefully through the patch note, I did not see any mention of fixing the constant crashing when using a Fanatec wheel on PC. How is this being ignored? I know wheel users are a smaller portion but this is a consistent problem for every single Fanatec wheel user. There are tens of thousands of us that can’t play the game on PC.

I’m hoping I missed it seeing it in the patch notes or something and I will apologize for my frustration above…

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There is a working solution: downgrade driver (v346)

It’s still busted for me on a Fanatec CSL DD and Formula 2.5 wheel. Can’t believe we’re two patches and a month in and there’s no fix to these freeze crashes. It’s doesn’t give me much hope…


I agree that this is unbelievable.
This is the first Forza Horizon game I have, as it’s the first one that feels decent enough with a wheel to have some fun between serious racing, but the fact that they haven’t solved this issue for a month, is baffling me.
The game’s unplayable for me as I can’t get past the first two missions without crashing. Also I’m not going to downgrade the drivers because this will mess up the settings in all other games (yes, I tried).


I think that the people who have come up with the workarounds like, backdating the driver or using wheel emulation should be paid as a Dev. The real ones are not doing good job, completely ignoring the player base with Fanatec equipment. We paid good money for the game, we should not have to develop it ourselves. They are so focussed on fixing all the Festival Issues and we cannot even get to the Festival. Give your head a shake and make it a priority.