Still Missing VIP Tokens

I apologize in advance if this has already been covered. I know there was an issue for a while about missing VIP items and other missing things but now I don’t really see anyone mentioning it. Is there a solution that I have missed? The 1250 tokens is the only part of the VIP pack that I haven’t received and I would certainly like to get what I paid for. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Again, sorry if this is the wrong outlet for this/has already been resolved.

If you bought the VIP pack online, it did not include the Token Accelerator Pack or any tokens. That DLC only came with the Limited Edition.

If you’ve installed the Bonus Content code from the Limited Edition pack, and can see the cars, I wouldn’t know what to say about the tokens. They should be deposited directly to your account but make sure you don’t have any messages in the Gifts section of the Message Center (these need to be downloaded by pressing A on each message). Unplug and restart your console… email with the details and wait for them to investigate.

I guess I was mistaken but I could have sworn when I originally purchased the VIP pack on the Xbox marketplace (around a month ago) it said that 1250 tokens were included. Strange that they would take things out of the VIP pack and still charge $20. Oh well, thanks anyway.