Still missing my Limited Edition content HELP

I’ve been missing my 1,250 car tokens and Lotus E21 car in Forza 5. Will someone please help solve this issue? It’s been very frustrating because i’ve tried contacting you guys about this issue multiple times.

Contact Microsoft through the Xbox support website. Just click on the link that gets you into a chat session with someone from customer support and they’ll create a ticket for it. This worked for me.

Contacted them but they just said to post here. I did and the post disappeared.

kookus I put your first post in the Cars and DLC thread. By cars not showing up, do you mean the cars aren’t in your garage, or do you mean the cars aren’t in your Buy Cars list at all? Do you have the other benefits from the DLC included in the LE package? You need to be specific.

If you’ve installed the DLC, checked the dashboard Add-Ons to see that they are “Installed”, rebooted your console, and the cars or other DLC items are still missing, the only course is to email details to and wait for them to investigate.