Still disconnecting every 3-5 mins online, I'm done

I’ve never been so frustrated at a video game. So many hours wasted trying to troubleshoot this garbage. No progress made on multiple tickets.

Short version - I disconnect out of multiplayer sessions every few mins making progression impossible. Ive been down the entire list of possible solutions the internet has to offer. Sometimes I get an error saying that the region failed and ipsec 0x0 or something but usually it just says sorry try again.

If anyone has any really out of the box suggestions I’m still open to ideas, but I give up. I guess I’ll try to log on once a week or so until it’s pulled from Game Pass then cut my losses.


Welcome to the club :wink:
There is already another post about this topic. However, the support of the game is frustrating. Problems like the disconnections are not fixed since the game startet last year, but problems with really game breaking potential, like the Christmas nose, are fixed within days. People who are reporting the disconnection issues to the forum or the support will be told to reinstall the game :slight_smile: And when they reinstall it, sometimes something of the player’s profile gets broken :frowning: Reinstalling a more than 60 GB (incl. downloading this little bit of data) is really fun and it does NOT solve anything. This is just a quick feedback to customers to make them feel that something will be fixed by that. In reality they should check the network parts of their infrastructure! I do also get the IPSEC message when the disconnect happens. I also always check the website with the server status and they are always shown as OK and no problems (very strange). I worked a lot with VPN and IPSEC in my last job and in my opinion they have to check the tunnel connection. IPSEC is not like TCP waiting for feedback from the other PC and then sends the next package of data. IPSEC does not recognize if the other PC is still there or not. There is a feature for IPSEC which, in simple words, sends messages whether the other side is still alive. If there is no feedback the connection will be cut automatically. But there are so much more possible reasons, e.g. gateways are running on their limits, bad network infrastructur, etc.
It looks like they know what is going wrong, but somenody says it is to expensive to fix! It’s better to update the wardrobe content and let them reinstall their games until…

I guess these problems will be also part of FH5 in the future :slight_smile: And I really hope they hire more of the designers for the clothes instead of IT staff.

Today I got feedback for my support ticket. My problem was that the Forzathon “Spritztour” didn’t count my driven Kilometers. By doing the workaround for my problem there, also the disconnect issue seems to be affected by the workaround.

The support wrote: “Please lock your FPS to 30 and attempt the challenge.”

At first I reduced my PC settings to 30 FPS and it worked. But gaming on a High-End PC with 30 FPS is not really the best experience. Then I set the FPS to 60 and it also counted my driven KM for the Forzathon. I was happy to have a working solution (workaround) from the support for the first time since I am opening tickets regarding FH issues. When I tried to do the online events of the list after reducing the FPS to 60 I had not one disconnect and I was able to finish the online events. Maybe just coincidence, but it looks like the FPS on PC are affecting the server connection?!

I wonder why 2 big companies and one of them is also programming the OS on which the game runs, are not able to make a game run on their own OS?! Sorry, but when I think about FPS affecting gameplay then it looks like Microsoft and Turn10 are working hand in hand with Bethesda :slight_smile: