Still crashing every 10 minutes on PC

Absolutely zero improvement on pc. Was able to do one race tried to start a second race immediately crashed. Completely stable PC otherwise with other games for many hours plays Forza Horizon 4 and 3 without a single issue on both Xbox and pc. Using fanatec wheel.

Got to love how the only sub forum in Horizon 5 is for problems. Cuz that’s the only thing this game has.

Same issue as before. In the middle of a race and the game just randomly locks up. I haven’t seen anyone I know have issues on Xbox One or Xbox Series consoles.

Same. The Fanatec Wheels cause the crashes, using old drivers is a workaround. Allthough a quite stupid one, because all the other games need the new ones, not the old ones.

So the only way to play it stable on PC is with the old driver. Screw that it works with every other game. I’m just going to hang up this game for a month and hope they fix it. Can’t play on my very high end gaming PC so I tried it on Series X and it works just fine although it doesn’t look as good or play as well. But today with the patch I have no force feedback on Series X now. Totally unplayable on both platforms

same here , after hotfix update , I got BSOD( blue screen of dealth) :frowning: