Stiff rebound damper setting causing weird glitch; anyone else?

Hi all. I’ve been playing around with some trophy truck tunes, setting rebound damping pretty stuff with soft springs. I found that when landing a large jump, the suspension won’t rebound at all, staying fully compressed, and locked up. This causes the car to sort of vibrate like it’s still moving, not steer, and not shift properly. It is fixed upon re-set. I discovered that backing the rebound damping down to about 70% or less appears to fix it. I could understand that high rebound damping could cause some kind of damage to the suspension maybe, but his happens with damage off as well. Is this is a feature or a bug?

Not the only weird gets-stuck thing that happens on hard landings. Sometimes if you’re using automatic transmission it will get stuck in gear on a hard landing. Won’t naturally shift up or down. But you can fix it by making it shift into reverse.

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