Stickers for a Sleeper

I was wondering if anyone had done some simple stickers that would work well on a Sleeper Car… ?
I have a Volvo 850 in a cream/beige colour that is a wicked drift car but looks so ordinary … and would just like to add a couple of touches like a “Baby On Board” sticker just to stick with the “Family Estate Car” theme


PS : I have to say I am blown away by some of the talent on display on cars in this game … some designs are truly amazing & can’t imagine the amount of work that has gone into them … I doff my cap in recognition

Just created a typical yellow and black diamond Baby On Board vinyl that’s on my storefront.

Enjoy drifting in the grocery getter!

Whirled Peas

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Hey ! Thank you … that’s so cool … (or uncool if you look at the car :smiley: )