Stickers and paintings problem.

Hi guys! I am team owner called Forza Team Poland (FTP). We have 15 members in team. Also we have fanpage, site and own logo. Everyone in my team who have in gamertag FTP can’t share stickers and paintings. Support says: FTP is shortcut for F*&^ The Police… We live in Poland and we don’t use that sense of this shortcut. We didn’t even know it could happen and we would be blocked.

We don’t want to change the name nad gamertags. We are Forza Team Poland, and we are proud of that! How can we deal with this problem? Do you have any ideas?

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I’ve recently joined Forza Team Poland and I’ve switched my gamertag from M0RC1NUS to FTP M0RC1NUS. If the FTP shortcut is banned, why it’s possible to have it in the Gamertag? There is also no problem with sharing tunes or replays, only on the stickers and paintings.

Also don’t forget that FTP is also the File Transfer Protocol :wink: should we ban it as well? :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it just that you can’t use those three letters together in the filename/ description when uploading? In which case that could be the Microsoft word filter that is preventing you from sharing it - not an actual ban or anything.

Try renaming the file (if it includes the offending combination of letters) and not mentioning it in the description, I guess you could put the full team name and that should be o.k. - as I understand it the word filter is a Microsoft thing & not under Turn 10’s control.

Sorry, didn’t read the full post. My answer was useless, ignore